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5 Mobile CRM Strategies That Large Enterprises Can Use To Close More Deals

Mobile CRM

Why do Large Enterprises Need Mobile CRM?

Innopl Technologies found that companies that adopted a mobile CRM software saw close to 65% of their sales team hitting their sales quotas. They also found that companies that did not opt for a mobile CRM software had only 22% of their sales team hit their sales quotas.

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While operating with a 100+ sales team that manages 1000+ leads a month, large enterprises need a system to track, manage and prioritize leads. So, why is mobile CRM important you ask?

Imagine this, Salesman 1 closes 5 meetings. While on the call he makes notes in his doc or notebook on what the client’s requirements are.

He then heads over for a Face 2 Face meeting, but alas he forgot his laptop and his notebook. How does he now get access to that important information about the lead’s requirements?

Here’s the advantage of having a mobile CRM. Now imagine, the salesman steps out of his red car and heads down to the well-lit lobby of a potential client.

The receptionist asks him to have a seat. Instead of reading a newspaper, he opens his Mobile CRM software and then clicks through to the client and reads all the notes he added to the central CRM. While typing out notes on his keyboard during his first call with the client, the CRM auto-synced all the content into the application, giving the salesman piping hot information on the client’s requirements.

If this hasn’t convinced you to let’s delve deeper into some specific strategies that a Large enterprise can implement with a mobile CRM to optimize prospecting and closes more deals;

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5 Mobile CRM Strategies That Large Enterprises Can Use to Close More Deals

1. Use The Daily Planner to Allot Daily Goals

Salesman 1 enters the office and takes a deep sigh, what’s he going to do today?
Bam, he gets a notification on his smartphone. He picks it up and sees that he’s been allotted 10 leads to get in touch with. His eyes light up and he gets to work.

Now imagine this at scale. An entire floor of a sales team gets hit with notifications on their daily follow-ups. The daily planner tool in the application makes it possible to allot leads to your team on a daily basis.
Once this happens, your team needs to simply open up their application and look at their calendar to focus on their daily tasks.

2. Track Your Team in Real-Time

Salesman 1 heads out for a face to face meeting. The zonal sales head scratches his head and wonders when salesman 1 is going to reach the client location. The mobile CRM eliminates this guesswork.

The real-time GPS tracker picks up the location of your sales team. Once a salesman reaches a client location, all he needs to do is open up the application and check-in. Right then a GPS pin is picked and sent over to the central CRM giving the Zonal sales head a clear idea of where his team is.

3. Score Leads Based On Buying Interest With Lead Scoring Tools

Salesman 1 walks into his first meeting for the day. He pitches his heart out but sees that the prospect is less than interested in the product. Instead of following up with dead leads, he simply uses the application to tag this lead as a cold lead.

This information is auto-synced with the central system. Once this happens you can set this lead aside as a low priority prospect helping you focus on the hottest leads.


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4. Manage Leads By Prioritizing Follow-Ups

Right when Salesman 1 steps out of the dead leader’s office, he steps back into his red car, takes a deep sigh and drives down the road to the next lead.

Here he finds an enthusiastic leader who ‘Ooos and aaas’ at his offering. He quickly tags this lead like a hot one and sets up a follow-up date on his mobile application. The zonal head then gets a notification about this super hot lead. He then uses the daily planner to notify salesman 1 on his upcoming meeting.

5. Use the Mom Tool To Add Notes About Potential Prospects

While pitching his product to the hot lead, the salesman finds that the prospect has a few specific requirements. He needs to ensure that these insights are available to him for his follow up meeting. He simply pulls out his phone clicks to the customer’s list, chooses this prospect and adds notes on what his requirements are.
At his next meeting, salesman 1 is prepared and ready to close the deal, he’s done his homework as his Minutes of the meeting are available to him right there in his pocket.


A mobile CRM is a great addition to your sales process and gives the best results when you have a central CRM as well. The learning curve is quite small and your team will instantly be able to create a hierarchy of sales accountability as the entirety of their interactions are stored in one location. The mobile CRM applications are available in both android and IOS devices and can easily download from their respective app stores.

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