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10 Commandments For A Successful Real Estate Sales Professional

All the rules and commandments are intended to make life easier in the long term. This stands true for businesses too. It also lets you easily change direction and navigate through confusing situations by understanding the surrounding odds.

The rules or commandments are simply a workable system to make things practically easier.

The real estate sector requires a major investment that is usually preceded by lengthy discussions and customer prospecting. Considering this, a real estate sales professional is required to largely invest time and energy into every prospect.

But not all sales professionals like to be limited to a rigid structure or work under rules. In the end, it comes down to deciding whether the particular rule helps the individual to be successful or strains further advancement.
These Ten Commandments are derived to bring real and positive changes in the life of the real estate sales professional.

1. Thou shall understand to supplement the Client Needs

A successful real estate sales guy needs to understand their prospect’s needs. By understanding the particular needs, he can tailor his projector offerings to the actual needs of the client. This also opens the door to repeated customer attention and interactions.

2. Thou Shall leave no stone unturned

Today real estate sales are mostly about discovering the right opportunities. A sales guy with better prospecting skills will have a better lead pool to work with. Afterward, he can also follow the right sales leads.

A good real estate agent needs to successfully drill down to the grass root levels to discover new prospects and acquire the right marketing opportunities. This also gives the liberty to eliminate wrong prospects to focus on increasing the overall conversions.

3. Thou shall strive to Combine and Unify

Most of the time, the Realtor Sales guy should handle multiple prospects and meetings at the same time. If you are managing independent processes, you may feel like handpicking and stacking sticks from different places. In this intersection, a unifying platform like CRM software can combine the different duties and provide a streamlined way to handle your daily responsibilities.

4. Stick to follow-up schedule for lapses shall not be forgiven

A real estate deal is preceded with due contemplation and comparison. This means that the number of meetings determines the final deal closure. Without the right scheduling system, you can end up working on conflicting schedules or at sub-optimal levels.

In this situation, no prospects have time to wait for a sales guy. In the end, being the most persistent could simply turn out to be the most significant difference-maker.

5. Thou Shall Experiment and Optimize Campaigns

Although real estate is a fixed investment, the circumstances and trends are constantly changing and varying. A smart real estate professional needs to be aware of the best selling point and ongoing activities surrounding one’s project.

6. Thou Shall always be available to clients

It’s the duty of a real estate professional to make oneself easily accessible to your prospects and customers. This can include 24×7 availability or instant reachability through multiple platforms. The real estate sales pro should combine offline channels such as phone or messaging along with different social and e-mail trails.

7. Thou shall not poach on your colleagues’ prospects

Remember that trust is a hard currency to earn and easy to expand.
A highly competitive arena like real estate doesn’t allow the luxury of having one’s prospect being poached away. It’s only natural that the real estate agents are highly protective about one’s own sales prospects.

8. Thou shall always share, Consult and Communicate

All successful sales teams operate on a team basis, facilitating the easy sharing of information and collective wisdom. A CRM platform lets you connect and collaborate with your entire team vertical. This allows the information to be easily managed and handed over internally to different individuals.

9. Not to take anything for granted

The referrals and client recommendations are still a sizable part of every sale employee quota. You need to be systematic at recognizing the past contributions that may simulate better future performance.

10. Thou shall not be taken by surprise

It’s within the responsibility and capability of a sales pro to recognize the current progress and upcoming challenges. This allows one to intelligently position their business as per the circumstances. A smart analytics and reporting system lets you keep track of progress and gain oversight into future developments.

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