System Analytics


Build your own reporting engine

Real-time analytics

Analysis that helps you succeed

Visual analysis of your CRM data helps you get insightful reports and dashboards using which you can track, share and collaborate with different teams.

Central dashboard

One view to align all your goals

Kapture provides you with ready made reports that can be pinned to your dashboards, that are configurable and provides you with important information at a glance.

Analysis that helps you succeed
Visual analysis of your CRM data

Reporting engine

An engine that sees you through

Using the Kapture reporting engine you can build yourself a wide variety of reports that cater to various different components and metrics. This ultimately results in your business having insightful reports at its disposal.

Spreadsheet reports

Work and play at your convenience

Have the option of downloading any report you need access to in the file format of your choice, so that you can have it locally stored, without having to find a workaround.

collaborate with different teams
Kapture reporting engine Email and SMS-based reports

Reports that find their way to you

Always be in the know-how, without having to log-in to the system. Receive daily reports right on your email and on your phone, and never let an important detail slip your notice.

option of downloading any report Escalations and alerts

Move issues to the right people

Configure your CRM system to escalate cases that have been lingering too long to other members in the hierarchy, and get the issues resolved in no time.

insights through simple collaboration Report access

Sharing is good for growth

With provisions for restricting access to documents, let only the concerned individuals be able to view important reports. Easily share reports with team members and gain valuable insights through simple collaboration.

Receive daily reports right on your Scheduled reports

Get insights when you want, where you want

Kapture enables you to have the ability to pick the reports you need and view them on a periodic basis. Obtain report summary as an email right in your inbox.