What’s New with Kapture? Mobile App SDK for a Chat-first Support Ecosystem


When you think about a customer service team, the first image could be of a  noisy room with busy support agents talking and resolving queries of customers on the phone.

However the high call wait times, incessant background chatter can get your customers irate sometimes. Moreover, your customer support can even come across as unprepared to manage the large volume of interactions.

A chat software is an additional means to support your customers and reduce call waiting time without losing on quality of the conversation.

Shifting to an app-first chat customer support

As per studies, customers are increasingly opting to make their online purchases through native e-commerce mobile app. A previously installed mobile app is a quick way to access product catalog, create orders and access previous orders through a few swipes.

With this in mind, the big and small e-commerce enterprises alike are trying to leverage mobile apps as a way to increase their market footprint. For this, businesses should create complete purchase experiences within their e-commerce mobile app.

An in-app customer support through chat can complete the online purchase experiences for buyers.

Additionally, the Mobile chat support can real-time support to aid customer purchase decisions. Now let’s see what makes Kapture’s mobile app SDK into the preferred support channel for both customers and support team.mobile-app-sdk-for-a-chat-first-support-ecosystem

Installing Mobile Chat SDK for both IOS and Android platforms

In normal conditions, most e-commerce businesses are apprehensive about changing the way they support their customers. Most e-commerce enterprises would look at setting up the new chat module and diverting customer conversations as a major challenge.

In this situation, Kapture’s mobile chat SDK kit allows easy installation of the chat system within the available mobile app.

With Kapture’s mobile chat SDK, you can directly install in-app chat support for both iOS and Android devices. This will enable your chat team to shift their mode of support without interrupting or discarding any previous customer interactions.


KapchatHelper.initialise(MainActivity.this, “123456” /*replace with actual customer
code*/, “ABCDEFGHIJKLMN”, “0123456789abcdeF”, new CallBackResponse() {


public void intialiseResponse(Boolean responseStatus) {

// Success response status if all the parameters are valid


[[ChatHandlerVC sharedInstance] sendChatRequestToserver:@“123456” /*replace with actual customer
code*/ supportKey:@“ABCDEFGHIJKLM” chatKey:@“0123456789abcdeF” withCompletion:^(ChatMessageVC *vc, BOOL success) { [vc isChatHeaderShown:YES]; }];

This will enable your chat team to shift their mode of support without interrupting or discarding any previous customer interactions.

Nudging the customers to initiate in-app chat support

In order to establish a chat-first customer support, you need to give sufficient nudge to your mobile app users to divert their support queries to an in-app chat medium. This could be achieved through a smart and intuitive workflow that provides an amicable shortcut to resolving customer queries.

The in-app chat support enables customers to initiate a conversation based on a particular order or issue. Further, the customer can mark for the particular issue such as order delay, refund processing, customer payments etc.

In this way, you can streamline the issue to the right team such as shipping team, product team etc.

If you want to learn more about implementing Mobile chat SDK, it’s time to discuss it with our CRM experts.

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