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How to amplify your customer reach through customer service CRM

Sales Profiling Techniques

The role of technology in closing a sales deal has been steadily rising in the last few years. Present day customers demand much more than a good product with an agreeable price tag. They challenge businesses to win-over their interest and attention over the concerned product.

Meanwhile, businesses are expected to meet these demands within their proposed competitive prices.

Sales Profiling tools and techniques let you manage your prospects around specific objectives. It enables you to understand, manage and handle your customers in an effective way. By integrating methods to profile your entire customer base, you can also provide maximum exposure to all relevant transactions.

In-short, sales profiling enables businesses to be smart and resourceful at pulling of each sale by reaching and communicating with each individual prospect.

Why you need to Profile Prospects and Leads

It’s only during the last few years that lead and prospect profiling has grown in reach and popularity. So, let’s examine why profiling has turned into such a big deal while running your business.

Consider that a prospect visits your website or social media page and drops an enquiry. Even after furnishing the necessary details, there is no guarantee of sales or follow-up contact with the business. Simply put, there is no guarantee of a necessary purchase.

Here, the prospect may be just looking to compare and differentiate between available options of competitors. Afterwards, the prospect may be intending to return or reinitiate the negotiation. But when the prospect has practically infinite number of options, the final return may never materialize. In the end, it simply adds up to the number of your lost prospects or opportunities.

Sales profiling tools let you reach and connect with these high value prospects in a thoroughly practical sales scenario. In this article, we will be demonstrating how profiling can make your prospects to return to your business and possibly complete the purchase.

With almost 50% of total purchases are made by returning prospects, a clearly laid-out sales profiling can expand your business horizon. It also provides effective means of reaching and leveraging audience-specific needs.

Segment and Understand your Prospects

For most businesses, understanding their customers is an eternal puzzle. With different tastes and preferences, finding the right fit for your customer can often turn into a complex Jig Saw puzzle, where you don’t know what fits where.

Fit and dissect the puzzle of Customer Understanding

Sales profiling feature clearly segments your user base into specific user categories. This also helps you attribute specific taste and preferences into each audience segment.

By deriving clearly discernible audience segment, you can possibly garner clear understanding of their needs and appealing arguments of purchase.


This data lets you to readily initiate marketing and outreach campaigns towards these multiple audience circles.

Be resourceful at your Knowledge Management

Modern Customers are conscious to be looking at every possible market option comparison studies. This requires you to readily furnish all available information within the shortest time. This requires businesses to look at better marketing options and better opportunities at hand.

CRM-based Sales profiling store all your prospect data on cloud servers. By clear tagging, you can filter and segment each user to specific audience base. This provides maximum versatility at managing and categorizing each prospect according to their specific tastes.


Further, you can manage and retrieve multiple in-depth reports by applying any of these parameters on the filters.

Recognize your Stuck Prospects and high-value Customers

It’s common experience to have your prospects getting stuck half way in purchases. After a few calls, sales people tend to write them off and go-forward with purchases.

You may also experience the gradual loosing of high value prospects along the conversion channel. CRM prospect management increases your reach and engagement value.

This situation requires you to employ profiling for your prospects. In other words, you need to employ automation to influence your sales results.

Create Fast and Adept User Engagement

By profiling your circle of prospects, you could begin to predict particular requirements of each prospect. By availing this knowledge, your service front can start engaging your prospects on a tighter timeline.

This also lets you expand and engage your prospects based on collected user data at hand. This frees you from the responsibility to collect primary data through direct interactions.

Run targeted Marketing and focused campaigns

Sales profiling enables your campaigns to be formulated based on right data and knowledge resources. You can feed the segmented data to your integrated SMS/Email messaging tool to enable you to reach a wider circle of audience with a particular message.


When each independent prospect seems to have exclusive requirements, it would seem to be an impossible task to acquire underlying theme or need for your customers. In this situation, sales profiling techniques help you derive an easier way to understand and handle your prospects.

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