CRM Gamification Can Shoot-Up Your Business Success – Know How

CRM Gamification

An apparently pretentious term, Gamification has grown into one of the most popular strategy-related buzzwords. From Global leaders such as Google to even 5 member Micro businesses, Gamification has been adopted and endorsed by businesses all across the Globe.

If you are uninitiated, the term ‘Gamification’ may appear complex and hard to grasp.

But in reality, most businesses may already have unintentionally integrated certain elements of Gamification into their activities. For example, it could be said that you are Gamifying your business when you follow a marketing timeline or apply market intelligence.

But like any other techniques, having the right tools and knowledge enables you to be much more proficient and smart.

CRM-enabled gamification enables you to integrate the right elements of gamifying concepts into your existing business process. With carrying out all your business activities through a single platform, you can also cut costs or accelerate the pace of your collective business processes.

In-the-end, Gamification based on CRM delivers a result-oriented way of managing your daily operations and distribution of responsibility.

In this article, we will be discussing using primary ways through which CRM Gamification can directly impact and improve your business. It lets you selectively improve individual parts of your process chain or creates a comprehensive way of managing your operations.

Keeping your sight on the End goals and Final Triumph

gamification with CRM

Whether it’s winning back the princess or progressing to the next stage, a game always involves meeting your end goals within the prescribed constraints. This means that you may skip over certain bonuses or features in order to reach your target earlier.

The same lesson could be applied to your sales circumstances.

Some sales professionals try to win-over prospects through simple wait-and-gain philosophy. This also involves trying to convince prospects who are obviously uninterested.

By biasing your complete activities through a CRM, you can start viewing every single prospect or opportunity in a single dashboard. You can also view your end goals in terms of sales targets and customer acquisition.

Having kept your end goals in the picture, you can realize these insights into a single graph. This also requires you to allocate the necessary resources for each acquired lead.

customer accquisition

This simply refers to actual resources spend on acquiring each particular lead. This data lets you iterate your prospect handling to maximize sales within a given time period.

Acquiring the right Tools and Utilities

For any gaming avatar or character, the progress is mostly dependent on acquiring new weapons or finding innovative utilities. Similarly, the progress of your business also needs you to acquire new business tools or optimize your current process flow.

With integrating CRM into your core process, you can instantly add multiple tools into your business processes – Deal Negotiation, prospect follow-up, Prospect Communications etc.

These essential features also let you create better internal team management and prospect engagement. This delivers you a better way of managing employees and dispersing your daily responsibilities.

Set-up Client Acquisition Progress bar aka Sales Funnel

Almost all known games display a progress bar displaying the progress of the player.

By applying gamification dynamics to your sales processes, you can derive a visual representation of sales progress. This is known as a sales funnel, as it resembles a Funnel structure with each stage having a deprecating number of prospects compared to its previous stage.

This allows you to follow and position each prospect along the progress in a sales funnel. This helps you to maximize the conversion and leverage optimal customer opinion.

For all these chief requisites, all businesses are required to simulate and organize their multiple processes to enable maximum conversion.

Manage an Updated Employee Score Card

A single unified scorecard has been invented and popularized by Online Gaming. Like a Gaming Scorecard, an employee dashboard can motivate and invigorate maximum productivity.

By streamlining all employee activities to a single cloud server, you can simulate scorecard for any particular parameter on a CRM-Dashboard. This may include a number of prospect conversions, task completions or the number of meetings.

All these enable you to bring together an element of healthy competition among your employees.

By gamifying your employee evaluation into a single dashboard evaluation, you can gear your employees towards the right incentives and better performances.

Reward and Incentivize your Prospects to be Loyal

Almost all successful games are known to reward its players for even the slightest progress. This sense of rewarding your users can increase game usage, which results in more gains. In turn, this turns into a cascading effect with players coming back for the same experience. Shortly, this can act to increase your player loyalty.

CRM gamification involves keeping a cloud-integrated profile for each player. This automates data collection concerning your customer follow-up and prospect interactions. This enables you to incentive customers for loyalty or willingness to refer their friends.

This gives you the right tools to engage and win-over prospects to increase collective turn-over.

Customized to your Tastes and Demands

Within a gaming community, usually, there is a varying affinity for different gaming characters and themes. The successful games are those which are able to build an audience or able to appeal to different audience tastes.

Similarly, an organization has independent arms such as marketing, sales, IT department, etc. With being conscious about the principle of gamification, you can create a platform that is suited to each particular segment. This will also enable you to strategies and customize your business operations.

You can also maximize your lead count for maximum visibility among your online audience.

Deliver Strategic Marketing Output

Even those people who aren’t really strategic in real life can turn out to be good chess players or gaming strategists.

This could be attributed to their ability to take unanimous decisions when all decisions are presented in a single dashboard. In another sense, the decision making in gaming is largely removed from confusion.

Under CRM gamification, the concerned employee can combine multiple running campaigns, Lead acquisition and expenditures to a single dashboard. This lets you simulate all marketing options and results. This approach equips your top-down organization to take better decisions that deliver amplified results.


If you don’t have the right tools and insights, you would be sacrificing your organizational simplicity for the sake of gamification. For resolving this, you need shortsightedness along with accurate process oversight. CRM-enabled Gamification integrates automation and process streamlining to create a better way of managing your daily business.

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