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Why you should Use a Comprehensive Logistics Software?

Logistics Software

For an FMCG organization, ability to manage optimal retail inventory levels and maximizing distribution capability has become the yardstick of success in the current market.

Here, automation software’s such as FMCG logistics software lets you find new grounds of efficiency.

The Logistics software allows you to connect and streamline multiple aspects of your inventory flow. This enables you to maintain optimal inventory flow across channels. You can also develop a potentially tensile inventory network, acquiring orders and distributing goods on schedule.

Maintaining Inventory across Retail Network

With passing years, the number of retail outlets has grown incrementally across the cities. Characteristically, these retailers have a low aptitude for storing the higher volume of inventory due to spacing and investment issues. This simply means that manufacturers or distributors are expected to frequently replenish their stocks.

Here, a distributor who is able to frequently visit and replenish these small stores could readily make the ground for market penetration. This will also improve product visibility on the grass root level.

Logistics software gives you an overview of updated inventory levels across your retailer network. Based on previously recorded date of supply, you can also create an upcoming follow-up date for the concerned product sales.

For example, consider the image below.

Logistics software Dashboard

This chart demonstrates all the procured product orders in a concerted period of time. With the filtering order history list, you will be able to create a follow-up list of recurring product sales

Sales crm follow-up Dashboard

This protocol ensures that your orders are not dropped due to lack of proper follow-ups. With logistics software, this could be a potential resource for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Built-on Viable Real-Life Interactions

Strangely enough, the retailer orders are still best acquired through real-life interactions and store-to-store order taking. With characteristically smaller order volumes, this could easily become a financially non-viable process for acquiring new orders.

It may also easily lead to larger logistics and order build-up problems. Here, automated beat plans could maximize your transit plans and overall customer approach.

An automated beat plan lets you maximize your retail coverage and connected order sales.

Kapture Daily Plan

Increasing Profit Margins

With thin profit margins and lower product shelf lives, a large portion of product pricing are decimated by unvalued goods.

With CRM utility systems, you can track overall retail demand for each product. As this information gets retrieved based-on real-life data, these reports provide an accurate insight about your actual retail demand.

With segmenting and optimizing each part of your distribution network, you are also freed from complying with unwanted protocols.

When it comes to real life application, reliability and cost-effectiveness are the words to watch out for while choosing CRM software.

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