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Top Five Data Resources you could Unlock with CRM-based Data Management?

Kapture Data Management Software

Today every business needs to navigate through a muddled and increasingly confusing landscape. Here, business data achieves visibility and certainty for your business process, enabling your business to adapt to changing business environment.

CRM-based data management allows you to make sense of otherwise rouge data accumulated during daily business processes. Rather than depending on 3rd party information, this allows you to utilize your own private data to make insightful improvements. This segregates and categories rugged collected information to best suit your current business environment.

CRM creates meaningful insights from these five core data points, allowing thorough data cycles.

Following Sales Trend and Future Demand (How much is it going to sell?)

A constantly fluctuating purchase volume ripples through the entire product cycle. It affects your workflow cycle, turning over your manufacturing process, distribution and stocking infrastructure.

When you are collecting orders throughout your retailer network, you can build a long-term stock fluctuation graphs for concerned data. This enables you to accurately predict your current and future purchases, implying a constant change in business environment.

This enables you to predict and plot your plans for the upcoming sales season and plan the overall production process.

Follow-through with Employee Activities (Shared objectives for lasting impact)

At last but not least significant, an employee integrated process gives you a bird-eye view of the entire process. In most o the cases, your viewpoint of employee performance revolves around feedback output. This is often centered around employees own feedback for the performance. It leads to accusations of favoritism and lead-flow channel.

Now you can evaluate employee contribution throughout the day, checking whether a concerned person is consistent or productive throughout the day. You can also receive updated sales reports, allowing you to guide your daily processes.

Customer Interaction Data (What your customers say about you)

Customer Data is always on the forefront of every business activity. When the most business buys or does internet research, data is at its best when it’s cultivated based on in-house process. With CRM-integration, you can evaluate each part of your manufacturing process, managing iterations to handle daily processes.

There could be many sources of receiving customer data – customer social comments and posts, website comments, lead requests, customer service requests, issues. Kapture CRM can collect these multiple sources of information and combine them to a directly manageable resource.

Evaluate Individual Products (Which Product gets bought?)

As your customer taste changes, you also need to manage the product list to appeal your customer-base. With multiple products displayed under your product listing, it’s most effective to choose your products based on individual pricing and quotes.

As CRM records most recent sales across your range of products. This data can be used to plot product demand curve that covers records to current time-limit. And this in-turn allows you to decide which products are popular, which have increasing popularity and which is losing customer interest. This data allows you to precisely manage your product range, allowing instant and accurate insights.

Manage Prospect Data (Why Prospects drop-out)

CRM integration follows activity journey of every lead; starting from incoming lead to interested prospects to converted customers. This makes your prospect data easily digestible and dissectible for your everyday business activities.

This data helps you check your customer’s decision to drop-off, along with further actions along the pipeline.

Live Sales Reports (Or at particular time points)

All report management and work collaboration software’s overlook one significant factor – Usually all managers will be evaluating last day’s sales reports. Across team CRM-adaptation lets you receive instant sales reports that reflect your current sales performance.

You can follow live progress of sales reports, allocate resources to accelerate sales progression or follow-up with excess resources. This helps you to manage and adapt to situations according to live sales report.

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