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Data accessibility made easy

Bring together and track all your marketing efforts and assets

Modern businesses struggle to keep-up and track the multiple marketing activities on a minute-to-minute basis. This also makes it difficult to track the effectiveness of each campaign decision and madrrketing effectiveness.

Kapture CRM enables you to bring together and manage the different marketing investments on a single dashboard. You can also effectively tag the different assets to collect the optimal returns from each channel. With this, you can collect accurate marketing data to further define and improve your marketing campaigns.

  1. Track different campaign investments
  2. Keep track of different campaign channels and investments
  3. Manage the different online campaign budgets
  4. Audit the retail level BTL and OOH campaigns
  5. Automated data collection to make insightful decisions

Kapture asset management Software enables you to consolidate and manage all your online-offline marketing assets on a single platform. You can also effectively track the ROI of each campaign and effectively evaluate their performances.


Your central creative repository

Store and access all your marketing messages on a single cloud repository. This helps you deliver a uniformly great brand experiences to your customers throughout the multiple touch points. Simultaneously, this also enables you to optimize your marketing message and instantly share it with your concerned team.

Cloud storage

Access your collaterals anywhere, anytime

Kapdrive’s cloud storage, obtain real-time access to your marketing material to initiate any new marketing campaigns from anywhere, anytime…You can share and access any marketing materials that involves designs, brochures and presentations while on-the-go.

Kapdrive Folder Dashboard
data File sharing dashborad

File sharing

Share your collaterals instantly

Deliver the relevant creative files and documents to your customers with a single click, even if they don’t have a Kapture account.

Team collaboration

Collaborate with your team efficiently

Sharing files across teams and individuals has never been as easy and seamless. Updates made through any one device will reflect in the system in real-time.

Data security

Never lose out on important data

An always-online cloud system allows you to access your files from any other device. This allows you to prevent cases of data loss and easy access to data.

Access privileges

Maintain your folders with restrictive access

Store and categorize your marketing collaterals and creative content with tags and folders, and view older versions and access privileges for each of them.

Folder Detail dashboard