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Field mapping through customer tags: Better manage daily routes, transit and more

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As a CRM enterprise, our chief objective is to bring our clients and their customers closer and connected to each other. A higher level of customer interactions mean better product exposure, sales, retail network and better product positioning.

There are certain Industries and verticals that necessities more frequent and direct customer interactions/communications.

The kapture CRM daily route planner and associated customer tagging is conceived to make it easier for you to manage your network of customers or prospects on a daily basis.

Now you can start managing your extensive retail network within a single dashboard

Kapture CRM Route Planner and Customer Tagging

Directly benefiting Verticals – FMCG, Distributors, Field Sales

Key Recipient– managers and field planners

Benefits – Better retail networking, fix more meetings, manage transit routes

Where to find it- Kapture CRM >> Daily Plan >> Daily Plan Creator

Customer Challenge

In our experience, the key to improving customer life is not flamboyant feature juggling, but it requires the grass root level understanding of your customer needs and challenges.

An improved route planner system allows our clients’ field teams to achieve these four key objectives in their daily outings.

  1. Improve the frequency and quality of direct customer exchanges/interactions.
  2. Create and Manage Advanced plans on selected routes
  3. Improve the flexibility and versatility of daily transit management
  4. Ensure that your team has better grass root level penetration
Daily Plan and Route Management System

Instead of the chaos and confusion that comes with stringing together a dozen of meetings on day to day basis for each employee, the route planning system is an efficient system of managing customer opportunities.

The daily planning system lets you set-up and manages responsibilities through a series of easily repeatable steps. This enables your entire meeting pattern to be transparent and transferable throughout the entire team vertical.

Rather than scratching your head over the possibly impending meetings, the Kapture CRM daily planner lets you focus on finding and satiating actual customer requirements.

Step 1

Create and manage detailed custom Daily Plan

Initially the manager or concerned employee can fill-in a complete profile for the concerned route plan.

  1. Create a Daily Plan Profile

Initially the manager or concerned employee can fill-in a complete profile for the concerned route plan. You can have these as daily meetings or set custom routes to be specially assigned to any particular employee.

You could name the concerned route or give representations such as A, B or C.

It also allows you to set-up particular order details or create follow-up details for each meeting.
Afterwards, the city or locale is selected for the concerned employee.

crm route planning

By having a programmatic system of managing meetings, you can start covering the prospects based on geographical segmentation.

  1. Tag Individual stores to a particular Daily plan

When you have a number of employees managing a number of field stores, there is a risk of conflict and missing-out on particular stores.

The daily plan creator enables you to be systematic and eliminate these errors through an efficient system.

At first, you can select and tag the particular stores that should be attended within a particular plan. You can also create specific customer goals or agenda within each particular meeting.

field sales route planning

This allows you to set-up well detailed route plan that can actually fulfill your daily distribution or meeting commitments.

By following independent route plans, you can manage your field responsibilities with better stability. This system also enables you to cover the maximum number of retailer or consumer spots.

By having assigned to a particular FMCG or distribution systems, you can easily connect and manage stores through daily plans for each and every day in your calendar.


  1. You can readily view the corresponding meetings for each employee on a centralized system
  2. A single dashboard management ensures a healthy frequency of outings to particular outlets.
  3. You can substitute any meeting with alternate option
  4. Edit daily meetings or particular outings

All the route plans and assigned meetings could be viewed by both the concerned manager and the field employee. The field employees can also delete particular meeting from the schedule, which the manager could then assign to an alternate employee. This system ensures a seamless handover of all concerned customer responsibilities within each team.

Step 2:

Manage Daily Progress, Routes and Meetings

After creating a route plan for a particular date, you can store the ongoing progress and results of the daily meeting. This also allows you to manage meetings for each day based on a pre-set agenda.

daily route planning

This feature ensures easy maneuverability within your daily business plans.

It allows you to manage your meeting responsibility and ensure adherence to your pre-set agenda.

  1. Record and Report Progress on each Meetings

After creating an initial set of meetings, you can start reporting on the achieved objectives of each meeting.

lead generation route planning software

By default, the updates or progress on each meeting will be visible to the concerned manager. Simultaneously, you can also set a follow-up date for each client.

This enables the concerned manager to follow a stringent overview of the progress on each client. This also significantly accelerates all new order approvals and assigning goods distribution at the earliest.

  1. Manage Customer order and Communications

The employee or manager can manage the field orders and communications within the CRM field plan.

For this, the employee can view the selected field plan for a particular day.

This enables the field person to punch-in acquired product retainer, new orders or update a new product to an already placed order.

meeting management system

The comprehensive information about new orders or field updates from particular routes could be instantly gleaned from the CRM platform. The concerned manager can also now start viewing the progress of each and every meeting.

Afterwards, this particular contact data could be used to send email to the concerned employees.

You can also start sending the new customer mails using the CRM platform.

  1. Manage Field Communications with Custom Templates

Normally, there could be certain situations where you need to draft emails to customers from the field. Due to the circumstantial limitations, these mails are often imperfect and may cost you your dear customers.

With Kapture CRM daily planner, you can access a complete custom email repository within a few clicks.

This allows a particular field employee to shoot-off well conceived instant e-mails to the concerned client.

Daily Plan >> Update Daily Plan >> Plan Details

SaaS CRM for Distribution

This increases your chances of getting your quotations approved or consolidate the progress made with each field meeting.

The manager or the field team can store permanent templates within the Daily planner to handle these pre-conceived communications.

This gives the flexibility to assign particular route obligations to a group of employees.
In the first stage, the employees can create a custom plan and assign it to a specific employee.

Direct Improvements with daily planner

Coming from a broad hindsight, the CRM plan enables you to achieve these specific improvements.

  1. In platforms such as distribution and field sales CRM, your productivity is proportional to the number of meetings that are arranged. Rather than simply stretching the working hours, the daily planner provides you an efficient way to manage and co-ordinate daily responsibilities.
  1. Customer interactions have taken different frequency and different in-depth communications in the recent years. The customers can be organized to meet your sales team for the right objective and sales goals.

Additional Integrations – None
CRM Upgrades required – No
Employee Restrictions– Depends on License

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