Sales Tactics for this Holiday Season

Sales Tactics to Close More Deals This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings with it with an added rush and excitement to go shopping. People look forward to the items on sale and special discounts that are always up for grabs. Retail business owners surely can expect a surge in customer walk-ins during such a period. The best way to make the most out of this shopping frenzy is to do something out of the ordinary.


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Here are some of the most effective sales closing techniques you can try this holiday season:

Announce Giveaways

To generate a buzz around your product or brand, creating a giveaway can be a good idea. Offering free accessories to customers who shop for a certain amount is sure to draw more people in. Attractive offers and combos will always be a hit with customers who go out to shop. Clothing, footwear, electronic gadgets, cookies and chocolates are some of the most purchased items in this season. Offering giveaways to high-spending customers will increase spending amongst consumers.


Email Blasts

Moving your sales process online is not possible within a short time span. However, marketing your store and good online can always reap benefits. Target the young age group with enticing offers via email to increase their interest. Also, sending out festive greetings to part or regular customers is also a good way to remind them that you are thinking of them. Customers love brands that add a personal touch and are more likely to shop at your store. Suggesting gifting ideas for Christmas and New Year is a surefire way to get people to look for things to buy for their family and loved ones.


Issue Promo Codes

Customers love discounts and why not give them that? Circulating special promo codes for the holiday season via social media channels will let customers know about the special sale that you are having. Curious responders will be delighted to use discount codes on their purchases.



Driving and closing sales each season is surely a challenge. It can also help to implement a smarter approach to sell more. Cross-selling is a highly underrated concept and very few businesses focus on it. Just by doing some homework and learning what your past customers had bought, it can be worthwhile to suggest items of relevance that they might be interested in. For example, people who have bought a necklace, can be suggested a pair of earrings. Clothes and accessories go hand in hand, so that is another area of cross selling.


Free Shipping & Fast Delivery

It is commonly known that people loathe paying any amount of money for shipping. Just offering free shipping to online shoppers is likely to boost your sales higher. Add to that the premium of super-fast shipping and there is going to be a deluge of customers flooding your site. Nothing is more attractive to customers than the assurance of knowing that their orders will arrive in double quick time and will carry no surcharge.


To sell more this season, it is in your best interest to know how sales vary with each passing season. Kapture CRM allows you to take sales management into your own hands. The sales funnel gives you a clear picture of how leads turn to sales. Using analytics-driven data, you can get sufficient insight into how this holiday season will play out for you. You can employ automation to boost sales during such a busy period. In this day and age where everything and everybody moves fast, the onus is on you to keep up with the pace to secure high sales volumes.



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