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Pump-Up Your Retargeting Through Email Marketing: A Blessing For Marketers

Email Marketing

Marketing is responsible for business and as a marketer you are more likely to encounter tools and endless options that promise to help and offer enormous benefits. When paid tool and every other saving option seems to fail email marketing comes to rescue. In this blog, we will talk about the Jackfruit of Retargeting: Email Marketing.

In order to get on with this divine jackfruit, we first need to understand what email marketing actually is.

What is Email Marketing?

A crucial form of direct marketing, Email Marketing is an ideal way of approaching customers. From informing about a new product to sending a coupon code to consumers, email marketing in the broadest sense is sending an email to potential or current customers.

A survey by Marketing Sherpa stated that consumers more likely to receive an email rather than being bothered by a phone call or an SMS. It helps them in going to the respected landing page or offers the same just by clicking on the CTA Going by the stats 97% of businesses use email marketing to convert the email recipients into buyers.

The Jazzy Moves of Email Marketing

After learning about the importance of email marketing, it becomes quintessential to know the working process of email marketing a.k.a. the Jazzy Moves.


On average, retargeted emails attain the open rate of 60% and 15% of them complete the purchase procedure.

Decoding the Fundamentals of Retargeting with Email Marketing

Approaching the consumers with the accurate ways is the key to convert them into buyers. But, when some businesses fall prey to poor email marketing strategies, others create a win-win strategy and pull out great benefits. So, which are the right email marketing components that can woo your costumers? Let’s decode the fundamentals with examples.

Win them with Emotions

Nothing is great than receiving an email which touches you emotionally and gives you the insight of your cart. Black Milk is a great example of this as it added the picture of a pup with a crisp copy that is relatable.


Tempt them with Offer

Adding a discount on the abandoned items works well for various industries. Who doesn’t like to obtain a discount? Bloomingdales is a wonderful example of winning the buyers with offers. A well-optimized copy and image that goes well with their brand tone is a yay email.


Relevancy is the Key

No one likes to receive irrelevant emails. While retargeting the email should contain all the accurate elements to mark the impression just like “doggyloot” did. It doesn’t only talk about the cart abandonment, but also adds relevancy by including the relevant image. Another adding bonus is the crisp CTA that motivates a user to visit the cart.


Timing is Important

If an offer has a time limit, it is more likely to be availed than the products without a limited offer. The timing is a driving factor that creates the curiosity of buying the product before it runs out of time. “zulily” is an accurate example of this. It not only successfully creates the urgency but also sends them to the sales funnel with visible CTA.


Keeping it Simple

Kate Spade, on the other hand, is already winning the hearts of the recipients, with its fascinating copy, simple yet chic background and offer that will last for 2 weeks.


Be Personal

Personalized emails can work as a charm for your customers. The key is to do it in such a way where the customer feels the need of the products and is able to connect with the email. BirchBox has done it very efficiently. With their crusty copy, they successfully manage to deliver the message by including the buyer’s first name.


After checking out some great examples, it is now time to keep the email marketing running. As email marketing is an old practice let’s update on 2016’s stats and how it can help in things to avoid.


After glimpsing on last year’s stats it’s clear what factors appeal the less to buyers. That said, things such as sending irrelevant emails or too many emails can create email bloopers. So, what practices should an email marketer follow? Here are a few best practices that will save you from committing email blunders.

Best Practices you need to Follow while RE-Targeting your Consumers with Email

  • Personalized Emails

A personalized email tends to create an impression of emotion which later helps the buyer in making a buying decision. Replacing the first name in the email can prove to be a good improvement. For example, Hi There can be replaced with Hey Ashley and the person will instantly connect to the email.

  • List Segmentation

Creating a different list for different buyers will help in reducing the bouncing rates and create more relevancy which in result will attain more click-throughs than sending emails in bulk and attain more soft bounces. For example, if a buyer signed up to receive promotional offer then he shall only receive promotional offers.

  • A/B Testing

A rule of thumb is to first run A/B testing on the email to know its accuracy of deriving results. One can achieve great conversion rates simply by running conducting a spit test before the emails make their way towards the inbox.

  • Email Frequency

Email frequency rely upon your buyers and the type of service you offer. Too many emails can piss off the consumers and the chances of unsubscription become high. As a marketer, you should figure out which frequency works best for you. For example, sending emails twice a week is an ideal frequency, but then it depends on the service you offer. If its promo codes and offers then the email sending frequency can be increased.

  • Relevancy

Imagine you order a cheese burst pizza and wait for 30 minutes, but after 30 minutes you receive chocolate ice-cream, bummer eh? Similarly, sending emails to customers with no relevancy can make them reaching towards the delete or worse unsubscribe button.

  • Compelling Subject lines

Creative and compelling subject lines can do half of your work. A subject line should be crisp yet informative so a recipient can know what to expect from that email. You can also add emojis in the subject line to add that extra oomph.

  • Language

Take extra caution if sending emails abroad. What if your subscribers are German? They won’t be able to get the true essence of our offerings. Create a checklist for international emails and run your emails before hitting the send button.

  • CanSpam Act

Every country has their own email laws. Before sending emails, be ensured that you are aware of the email laws as it can tangle you in a legal way. For example, Canada has CanSpam, Australia has ACMA, etc. You can also take a legal advice for email laws of different countries.

  • Visible CTA

No matter how great your email is, if the CTA is not visible or doesn’t contain the clickable factor, it won’t attain a click. Experiment with several colors and copy and analyze what works best for you. Notice the difference below.

Plain CTA   –  Download Free E-book

CTA That Converts – Download Free E-book Now

A personalized CTA can act more than you think. Red creates urgency and as a result, the CTA attain a click.

  • Unsubscribe Link

Emails must include an unsubscription link as it is a higher chance of falling prey to the spam folder. Create a double opt-in for users to reduce the unsubscription and keep the track of your ISP as it can also be the reason of getting hard bounces.

Now you know what an ideal email should have when you are retargeting your potential leads. Though it can be a Herculean task to figure out what works best for your consumers but once you get the proper strategy, it will be a win-win strategy for you.

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