Performance Dashboards that Make your Data Insights Obvious


Almost all medium and large businesses need to simultaneously undertake multiple operations. Usually, these operations are connected and need to happen on parallel tracks. Ideally, businesses should track and optimize these different operations on an ongoing basis.

But most businesses lack the right tools to cover the multiple ongoing activities. In these cases, businesses struggle to make sense of their aggregate business data.

Kapture CRM enables businesses to review the aggregated data into integrated dashboards. This enables businesses to come up with actionable business insights by simply reviewing a few dashboards.

Raw Data can be Malleable and Misinterpretable

Today, businesses try to aggressively utilize data to improve and iterate all aspects of their business. For this, most businesses go extended lengths to cover multiple touch points and collect data. But its also getting progressively hard to make sense of this aggregated data.

Whether it’s a particular POS ( point of sale) or product performance, businesses may also struggle to discover where the operations could be sufficiently optimized.

When businesses struggle to incorporate all aggregated data, there’s a risk of being blind-sided about key aspects of the operations.

Straight-forward Performance Evaluation through Integrated Dashboards

In this situation, businesses need a simplified way of tracking overall performances. In other words, there should be a comprehensive way of tracking both sales and customer service.

For example, let’s review the individual performance of an individual product. Most businesses carry a range of offerings in their portfolio. Often, there is confusion concerning the performance of each individual product.

Even with proliferated product catalogue, Kapture CRM’s integrated dashboards bring clarity to these performances of individual products. By having a tightly integrated helpdesk and field service, all registered complaints can be tracked through a unified dashboard.


This enables businesses to drill-down to individual product issues and their frequency of occurrence. This way, businesses can uncover low-hanging fruits that’ll improve customer satisfaction.

Later, you can also review the different POS or retailers for the product. In this sales dashboard, you can compare the set and achieved the target for each individual product.


This allows businesses to review and compare individual POS performances. This will deliver actual insights about daily sales performances.

Kapture CRM’s integrated dashboards deliver the latest performance insights in an easily digestible form. Whether it’s about small iterations or directional changes, the performance dashboards help businesses to make the right changes at the right time.

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