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Learning Management System – The Most Effective Way to Train Employees

A support agent may need to be well versed in product know how – he must be a specialty. A Learning Management System lets you provide him with e-Learning tools on the go along with quizzes and tests which get auto evaluated and give you scores.


Since a learning management system is a summation of your product knowledge, the prime focus of an LMS is to continuously test your team on the key areas that push for critical mass towards success in their role.


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What is a Learning Management System?

A learning Management system is an online e-learning resource that is used for a variety of training objectives.

The first step to developing a LMS is to determine what type of goal you are chasing. Based on this goal you can fashion quizzes and tests of a question answer fashion.

With a huge repository of videos and articles, the learning management system can be implemented in one of two ways

    1. Develop an in house LMS where you store videos and articles and have a quiz builder
    2. Or you can opt for a third-party learning management system that lets you create tests, upload training content and receive tests scores that were automatically calculated based on answers.


Benefits of Implementing a Learning Management System

    • Find employees Who Need More Training

The Learning Management system gives you detailed scores on an employee’s test – showing you exactly where he would need to be retrained. With this information you can then offer him tailor made content to consume to improve himself in these lagging areas.

    • Increase Work Place effectiveness

With a learn on the go model offering users videos and written content on their laptop screens and mobile phones – you can ensure that your team stays updated on the key drivers of your business consistently keeping them motivated to move forward with their tasks.

    • Get a Birds Eye view Of Company Wide Training

By monitoring results – you can tailor your training towards more effective methods helping you build a team of productive employees. By constantly measuring monthly tests against each other – one can see an upwards trajectory in terms of product know – how.

    • Recurring Training Costs are Void

You now do not need to allocate precious execution time to train employees. You can simply upload all the content that the training’s cover in the form of videos and text and share it with your team. They can watch and learn on laptops, mobiles and tablets making your organization a learning centric culture.


What are the Different Types of LMS?

Based on what your requirement or goals are – you can opt for any of the following learning management systems.

    1. Cloud Based LMS

Here a vendor takes care of the hosting, he would simply give you an online link and users can login via passwords and you can update the content here. Tests can be held hear as well. In this model the LMS is hosted in the cloud so there are no huge infrastructure expenditures on your part as the vendor has already taken care of this.

    1. Application on Your Computer

The LMS is also available in the form of a desktop application. You can install this and give access to other users as well. Most of these companies have a per user pricing model – so you can start with adding a few to the app but you can continue to grow the users as you scale.

    1. Mobile Application

Lastly you can have a mobile application which can be accessed on-the-go. You can upload content here and your users can access it anytime, anywhere.



The ease of adding content is the main focus in keeping an e-learning module up to date and expanding. Mobile optimized viewing and easy to consume bite sized pieces of content will ensure that learners make the most out of this growing learning cloud-based software.

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