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Increase your marketing ROI with CRM integration and tracking

Campaign Integration and tracking

All businesses want to run razor sharp campaigns that become the envy of their competitors. By their very nature, marketing campaigns provide consistently inconsistent results. One month, you would be having a deluge of prospects. And the very next month, you could be frantically trying to figure out what went wrong.

In this scenario, Campaign integration and Tracking can incrementally improve your chances of attaining consistent success and raise your respective ROI. Rather than just being limited to the end cost per lead analysis, an integrated campaign tracking lets you analyze each aspect of your marketing. This also lets you create and iterate progressive equation that combines multiple factors to get closer to your successful campaign. This lets you reach and engage your target audience in the most efficient way.

Marketing often involves handling multiple processes, each requiring individual attention. CRM software lets you handle and track multiple campaign activities, enabling you to optimize your campaign on an all-around basis.

Combine Multiple Channels for Single Glance Overview

campaign tracking benefits

Today, all businesses are expected to choose between competing for marketing options.

The age of options overload can make you easily go overboard, and end-up splurging on multiple platforms. The exact opposite is also easily feasible, where payments are held from different marketing channels.

In order to make the right decision, you need to have knowledge about the effect of each marketing channel. Having to accumulate this knowledge purely based on experience could take years and waste of funds.

By tracking system, you can streamline each campaign’s success through a single dashboard. This dashboard analysis ensures that your campaign contributions could be easily followed in multiple campaigns.

By analyzing these primary sources, you can evaluate the current campaign in progress. You can also predict and follow future progress with predictability based on incoming data.

Segment E-mail Campaigns for reaching customers

The first lesson of campaign tracking is that all customers are not equal. By tracking user interests, a business could glean knowledge about a different perspective, different appeals and multiple product USPs. This helps you individually determine whether a customer could be interested in a particular marketing pitch. By recognizing and iterating you can segregate different contact list, allowing you to maximize your customer open and email access rates. This also helps you build a healthy email client reception list.

Through building a healthy email list, you can further collect and organize Emailing campaigns to suit a particular audience segment.

Campaign tracking for ROI

Hence, by tracking specific audience taste, you can increase your customer response and thereby relative campaign success.

Keep track and supplement Cross-Selling options

All successful businesses usually succeed in creating and leveraging cross-sell opportunities. Customers are not as eager about creating big purchases in the initial stages, one needs to focus on creating solid cross-sell opportunities to realize your revenue goals.

CRM software facilitates customer data collection and streamlining. As these processes are integrated into daily workflow, it comes close to an automated process.

This allows you to follow your customer type, purchase kind and determinative model for future purchase. By combining all these data buckets, you can predict the future cross-selling or upselling opportunity.


All the experienced marketers know that there isn’t a perfect campaign. Running a marketing campaign is a process of tracking and iteration based on live results. Marketing automation system lets you combine multiple facets to provide comprehensive improvements.

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