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How To Get the Best of Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Omnichannel Customer Engagement – Key to Future CRM

Omnichannel customer engagement is a strategy through which you aim to communicate or engage with your customers through various channels. Leveraging numerous channels, customer engagement is enforced to deliver personalized messages and initiate interactions. 

Let’s look at an example of the improved customer experience through omnichannel engagement. Customer A has an issue and immediately contacts your customer service help desk via email. Customer B needs help with a query and approaches the customer service help desk via social media. Lastly, Customer C decides to call up the help desk agent. How does your team ensure that customer experience is focused when so many queries are coming in from various channels?

An omnichannel customer engagement strategy is a marketing strategy to create a seamless transition between channels by being able to manage them from a single platform. This enables your help desk team to easily manage the disconnected conversations and analyze any patterns that indicate ways you can improve an individual’s experience. Deliver consistent, individualized customer experiences and maintain a consistent messaging tone across channels.


Omni-Channel Engagement in the Omniverse

The omniverse refers to a collection of verses. Each consists of immersive communication platforms, digital assistants, workplace collaboration tools, entertainment, and retail to support the digital communities where people interact. 

In the real world, you will see a brick-and-mortar store. You can physically go and make your purchase. In the virtual world, you observe and experience everything online. The products you shop for are digital replicas. They cannot be touched or felt.

Now this real world and digital world are married to produce an augmented world. You shop for the products you love, but the customization will be visible only to those with AR glasses. This way, you get a personalized experience.  

Why is the omniverse important?

Your business can unlock value for customers by engaging with them beyond traditional channels such as brick-and-mortar stores, social media, chatbots, and call centers. You can go beyond omnichannel communication.

The upside of using omniverse is seamless engagement with users and consumers between multiple verses and the physical, augmented, and virtual worlds. Engagement without borders enables anyone around the world to participate and collaborate. Omniverse also enhances better and quicker networking. Digital currencies simplify exchange rates, and devices and data are shared across the physical, virtual, and augmented worlds to ensure instant and secure interactions.

As a business owner, you stand to gain three times the value of a product or service, drawing in more customers with advanced omnichannel engagement.


The unanticipated need for omnichannel engagement

When the COVID-19 pandemic engulfed the country, business operations were disrupted. There was a dire need for technology integration and customer service equipped to handle a large volume of anxious customers.

Post pandemic, customers expect or rather look forward to efficient, 24/7 service. Personalized communication is essential to connect with your customers but so is offering ease of navigation when they need to switch between multiple channels like phone, email, WhatsApp, and social media. Omnichannel engagement is becoming relevant in tracking customer journeys, enabling quick responsiveness across channels, and implementing impactful strategies to meet customer expectations.

For example, YES Bank and Axis Bank leveraged omnichannel engagement by offering customers a seamless banking experience when physical bank operations were affected due to the pandemic. 


Why does your business need Omni-Channel Engagement?

You need technology that supports customer experience management. Artificial intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Automation and chatbots are capable avenues.

These technologies help you to respond to customer queries in real-time and hear what customers are saying about you and your brand’s performance compared to other brands. 

  • Adapting channels your customers use

You cannot rely on e-mail communication when people have moved on to expecting instant responses via text, either through social media or a chatbot. Adopting omnichannel engagement assures your customers that you are listening from wherever they are ready to speak to you.

  • Create personalized customer service experiences

Omnichannel engagement is a customer service strategy and a solution to offer more personalized experiences. Kapture CRM enables service agents to view omnichannel communication in one window, making it easier to access customer data and past interactions. These features help build and offer a customized experience.

  • Single point of data retrieval

Data formats vary from channel to channel. Without software like Kapture to centralize all the conversations with customers from different channels, a service agent would most likely have to individually check and respond to customer queries.

Unifying the different channels in one location brings all the data too. You can use tools available with Kapture CRM to create a data structure that does not challenge the integration of all channels into one.

  • Know your customers with accurate analysis

Kapture provides scope for customer experience analysis to aid managers in effectively understanding their customers and improving agent response and productivity. It also helps improve customer engagement by analyzing the audience, delivering the right tone of messages based on preferences and demographics, and identifying when customers are most active.

  •  Real-time responses

If you face any issue, would you like an instant solution so that you can move past it or rather wait for hours or days? Instant is the way customers like responses from help desks in today’s technology-infused modes of communication. When you fail to respond immediately, your customer might move on to your competitor and never look back.

Kapture’s omnichannel customer engagement helps you to cater efficiently to your customer’s urgency in customers to have their needs met. With omnichannel engagement, you can engage with your customers via real-time chat, even on the go.

Encourage your customers to reach out any time and assure them of a response instead of encouraging them to leave by offering poor, untimely customer service.


Got questions? We got answers!

How can I improve my omnichannel engagement strategy?

Create a dynamic and personalized customer experience. Use the latest technology alternatives to boost omnichannel engagement and focus on the benefits your customer will enjoy like real-time responses, quick resolution etc. It is essential that your customer service agents are equipped with the right tools to manage omnichannel engagement. With software like Kapture CRM, it is easily possible.

How is omnichannel performance measured?

Omnichannel analytics provides an overview of sales within various online sources like email, live chat, social media, calls, marketing campaigns, etc. Analytics can pinpoint areas for improvement or need more attention so that managers can focus on improving customer experience.

What is omnichannel for customer service?

Omnichannel engagement can enhance customer service as customers are connected with your brand through multiple channels. On the other hand, improve team productivity with Kapture CRM’s AI-powered chatbots, forms, targeted marketing campaigns, Cloud Telephony, and classification features for quicker ticket resolution.

What is an Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategy?

Omnichannel customer engagement is a strategy through which you aim to communicate or engage with your customers through various channels. Leveraging numerous channels, customer engagement is enforced to deliver personalized messages and initiate interactions. 

What are the benefits of omnichannel engagement?

The benefits for customers and your agents are listed as follows:

  • Unifying customer interactions through channels like email, chat, website forms, social media channels, and phone calls.
  • A single window view for all tickets
  • Customers can reach out to the business from their preferred channel 
  • Minimized switching between platforms to check for new tickets. 
  • Agents do not need to be logged in to email, social channels, live chat, or phone to address tickets.

Why is omnichannel customer service important?

From a customer perspective, omnichannel customer service means a customer can reach out to the help desk agent any time, through any mode of communication, and expect a timely response. From a service perspective, omnichannel routes communication from all channels to a single platform easily accessible to the service agent.

What omnichannel approach has helped clearly?

By tracking and replying promptly to customers from all channels via a single inbox, your agents can save a lot of time. Kapture CRM makes it easier for your agents to view customers’ contact details, previous interactions, all transaction details, and more on one screen, accessible in one click.


Let’s engage customers with an Omnichannel CRM- Kapture CRM

Integration is the way forward because having individual communication channels is redundant for service agents responding or engaging with customers. Instead of dividing the business into different parts, unify communication channels through an omnichannel engagement strategy. A complete picture of the customer’s experience and pain points can be obtained easily. Book a demo with us to explore Kapture’s Omnichannel Experience. 


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