Omni-channel Analytics: What the Metrics Could Mean

Omnichannel analytics can be defined as the overview of sales within various online sources like email, live chat, social media, calls, marketing campaigns, etc. A multichannel approach will radically benefit the enterprise by analyzing statistics to increase sale opportunities. Analytics can also pinpoint aspects that need improvement or need more attention so that managers can make appropriate changes while providing a seamless experience to customers.

Faster Ticket Resolution:

Omnichannel support effectively improves workflow as the tickets don’t get piled on, rather they are classified accordingly and agents can attend to the tickets in order. Agent performance can be affected if they notice a long queue of unattended tickets. In some instances, it is hard to avoid long queues of tickets but omnichannel analytics can depict if the team needs more staffing to keep up with the demand.

Evaluate your Channels:

Each channel has its own merit and close attention can be paid to channels with less traffic so that the overall productivity can be improved. Grasping the measure of each channel can be helpful in allocating appropriate resources to improve activity and interactions. Metric reports can be generated based on various parameters to gather valuable insights.

Mobile Integration:

With all the features available on the mobile app, getting insights is easier than ever. The software captures all contact information on every call so that agents can use this information and strategize accordingly while ensuring that no call is ever missed. Cloud Telephony enables businesses to monitor and assess customer interactions. The software is well equipped to handle heavy call routing capabilities which means it can easily manage both inbound and outbound calls with ease.

Improved Customer Relations:

A customer will feel valued if the business is interested in the customer’s perspective. Creating CSAT forms will let the customers know that they are valued and the business cares about the customer’s opinions. The feedback can be projected as a benchmark statistic so that efforts can be made to make the customers’ experience more efficient and smooth.

Marketing Campaigns:

Run effective and targeted marketing campaigns on multiple channels while collecting all relevant information about prospective leads through simple forms. Marketing campaigns require a lot of time and attention to detail which can clog workflow. Omnichannel analytics gives valuable insights into which particular marketing aspects you can invest in.

Live Chat:

Improve team productivity with AI-powered chat resolution by setting automated responses to common queries. This saves a lot of time and resources that can be utilized in attending tickets of higher priority. The AI also keeps the customers engaged by greeting them with their name and a welcome message.

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