Tips Improve Customer Service in Retail Business

11 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Retail Business

Wonder why customers just window shop and roll out without making a purchase? Despite having a good collection and a store with incredible ambience, there’s always that one thing missing and that’s healthy and outstanding customer service. 

Satisfied Customers are your Best Ads

Retailers nowadays should concentrate on improving customer service for retail, in order to increase sales rather than worrying about losses. To increase strength and profitability, one must take advantage of the potential to deliver excellent customer service. Focusing on the fact that today the Customer is the King is the foundation to sustain and grow your business. 

One wrong move can drive your customers to the competitor’s door. Prevent this by offering exceptional customer service and finding a way to your customer’s hearts and wallets. Let your determination encourage customers to act like your brand ambassadors, whose passion will drive new clients to your store. 


Here are some top-notch and easy-to-implement tips on how to improve customer service in retail

1. One Smile can go a long way

Make smiling your staff’s favorite exercise in order to maintain a calm and positive atmosphere. Customers should receive friendly eye contact followed by a smile from each member of staff. Your staff should keep an approachable attitude and be comfortable in their skin in order to comfort the customer. 

11 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Retail Business

A Sales Associate up and ready at the doorstep

Finding that connection should be the main goal. Sales staff should have patience and never miss a chance to thank the customer for devoting their time even if they don’t make a purchase.

Don’t forget to escort the customer to the exit and say Goodbye.

2. Help your Customer with an In-Store Demo

Most of your customers walk in without any wishlist in mind and end up getting confused after looking at the varied options. Therefore, offering them guidance and an in-store demo can cheer them up and land a sale with positive customer service. 

For example when you go to a skincare brand store and have no clue on what to choose for your particular skin type, and then a few product trials and some proper guidance on which ingredient is the best and how it will benefit your skin from the store expert really helps you make a decision. 

The above will also build a trust bond between the customer and your sales associate. Introducing the collection and helping the customer to make comparisons will lead to an interesting shopping experience. 

3. Ask for Feedback and Learn from the Results

11 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Retail Business

Star Ratings take up only a fraction of the customer’s time

 Short and to the point feedback forms asking about customer experience can highlight the facts that need improvements, and appreciation can also boost your staff’s morale and nudge them in the right direction. 

However, to achieve this you will need to lure your customers with an offer or loyalty points or maybe a free sample in return for feedback. Avoid wasting their time by making them sign up and gather their contact details. Focus on just getting feedback in order to improve.  

4. Train Your Crew

Groom your team with knowledge and expertise in order to stand out from the crowd. Focus on being Service-Oriented and hold up monthly training sessions to keep your staff up-to-date about your new products and services. 

Get first-hand opinions from your staff by making them try out your new launches and implement changes. At the end of the day, any member of your staff is also a consumer of these products. Letting them voice their opinions will also make them feel valued and imbibe confidence in them. 

5. Personalize your Customer Experience

Improving Customer Service for Retail

Encourage your staff to build a personal connection with any customer they interact with. Your staff should have an open body language and stand ready to escort the customer through the entire collection with options to compare from. Familiarize them with the best-sellers as well as showcase your personal favorites to them.  

Adhere to the following in order to make your customers feel loved and welcomed at all times:

  • Be open, transparent, and communicative. 
  • Dedicate enough time to understand the needs of the customer.
  • Choose to speak in a language that is comfortable for the customer. 
  • Offer opinions when they are confused.
  •  Don’t be in a hurry to make a sale instead ensure that they don’t feel awkward or pressurized in any way. 

6. Effortless Checkouts

11 Tips to Improve Customer Service in Retail Business

Quick and Easy digital payment options are available at a click

The way you handle checkout says a lot about your store. In order to avoid frustrated customers standing in a long waiting line, make sure to equip your crew with gadgets that can let them help customers easily. Ensure that you have multiple payment options to choose from so that you don’t lose a customer.. 

Your staff should have enough information regarding the following:

  • FAQs on Returns and Exchange
  • Shipping and Pickup availability
  • Payment options like EMI, Credit/Debit cards
  • Offers and Cashbacks if any

Train your staff to be discreet about a payment that didn’t go through. Never use a tone that might embarrass your customer in public rather than politely offer other available payment options. 

Make a customer not a sale by making each encounter unique. 

7. Make Customer Service everyone’s job

Make sure all your employees have the attitude to help and offer services despite the hierarchy. Be it the manager or a sales representative or an intern, every employee should adhere to humanity and have the willingness to go that extra mile.‘That’s not my job’ is the phrase that will send your customer away. 

People always remember you by the way you treat them and not how your store looks. Focus on retaining your customers by showing interest in their needs. Shower love on new customers as well and not just your regular ones. 

8. Stay in touch with your customers

Connect with your customers on a regular basis. Make sure that they know how much the brand values them. Share latest product catalogs, new offers, or if any sale is coming. Offer on-call assistance and check if they have any particular requirements. 

Celebrate their birthdays and anniversaries by offering exclusive discounts.

For example, Tanishq, a leading jewelry brand in India hosts birthday celebrations for their premium and loyal customers and also shows them free gifts. 

9. Follow Covid-19 guidelines

The post-pandemic scare has created chaos among all of us. Ensure that your store adheres to the safety guidelines of Covid-19 that protects both your staff as well as your customers. Keep extra masks handy for people to forget or may have lost their masks on their way and follow social distancing. 

Train your crew to protect themselves first and then help the customers feel comfortable. Station multiple sanitizers across the entire store. Equip the store to handle medical emergencies with ease. 

 10. Offer sustainable Customer Service across all channels.

Allow your customers to reach out to you from any platform they wish to. Be it your website or your social media platforms. Make sure your brand is available on multiple platforms in order to compete well with the market. 

Let your salespersons offer personal assistance through any mode of communication they want. 

As quoted by Bill Gates, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”

11. Use a reliable CRM system

A CRM may help you store customer data such as user behavior, customer loyalty, transaction records, and notes on sales contacts, which can be used to optimize your sales and marketing processes and enhance customer service across your organization.

It automates essential processes, streamlines your sales process, and analyses all of your sales data in one location, possibly improving revenue and efficiency.


Grow your retail business with Kapture

Kapture’s One Suite can be your reliable friend by helping you manage all your customer data and provide excellent customer service. 

Knowledge management systems keep all the information related to products in a centralized place easily accessible for both the salesperson and the customers.

Choose the right system to streamline your retail operations and deliver a fabulous customer experience.


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