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Buisines online identity

If you are running any business, your business online identity could be one of key success deciding factors.
Although online identity could be associated with high concepts of branding and brand image, its best expressed as what appears to a casual enquirer ‘searching for your business.’ This means that it’s your business image, presented across various online streams and media.

As every customer could be expected to check out a prospective business online, every business needs to focus on a creative a positive online outlook.

How Negative Online Image brings colossal Damage

In-order to create a positive online outlook, you need to first determine what could a negative outlook look like…
It could include your business name (brand name) appearing first, followed by scathing customer reviews and Google reviews.

As the Google reviews are collectively also integrated into your search result, your businesses online profile also includes specific insights into your business process.

For example, consider the image below… (I have blocked identity part of image for confidentiality).

The first search result pitches company official website. The second name is website name + fraud. Apparently, the clients grew so angry with the management that they voluntarily started a company naming their organization as a fraud.

All these make grounds to check for official company website. It follows the same pattern. There are certain obviously artificial reviews, followed by scathing customer reviews. Under these circumstances, its negative online image is easily accessible to most common internet users and instantly falls-out with company.

How to create a positive online Outlook

Sparkling microphone
As shown above a negative online review could draw virtual curtains for your online existence. This usually includes stingy reviews

And let’s be clear, Google can decide what People think about your Business.



Since is clear that every business needs to have a positive online outlook, let’s discuss about various factors contributing towards your online visibility.

Google Search result Trumps 3rd party Reviews


As Google is common medium, a prospective customer always conducts a Google search for forming an opinion an about your business.

Even if you can collect 3rd party review website, a common Google seach can show your business at its true color.
When a user types in a company name, it show cases all recent and most engaging profiles associated with a company name.

At the above instance, it was a website mentioning the company’s negative prospects. As it was a truly user generated posts and attracted interest with all prospective searchers, it quickly rose to second position in search result.

For most clients, it’s simply common sense reason bad enough not to hire that particular agency. But the same science is applicable for companies to gather a positive online impact. For a good online profile, your official company name should be coming first, followed by your various social profiles.

With skilled execution you can prioritize your Google search result. One just needs to keep all relevant channels active. As Google continues to index your social mediums, it will show most relevant channels on Google results.

You can prioritize your Google search result, through working on blogs or keeping active social profiles.

A company website could be followed with your facebook, twitter or social profiles such as instagram, Google plus or other social avatars.

In-case of B2B organizations, it could be followed by social platforms such as Linkedin or Glassdoor.

Google Reviews are Most Accessed

For every business with reputation, Google has developed a feature for including reviews on the left side below company address.

As it’s a part of Google search result page, it could easily accessed by users.

While it isn’t legal to post positive reviews, one can always direct customers to their online profile. It gives high visibility among normal business reviewers.

Blogging have never been more popular and Different

With the ease of posting and running a blog series, ‘I have a blog’ has become a common internet pun. But active blogging continues to be a powerful tool for businesses across every industry.

Along with stiff competition for top ranking keywords, blogging has become an effective long-term for sharing interesting conversations. You can also share interests of your audience, making an connection with your audience group.

Managing and Acquiring Facebook Reviews


From Fortune 100 Companies to small businesses, every business has facebook as an integral part of its online reach. As it’s also a medium for user communication, every business needs to keep a social profile.

One trick is to maintain a prolific FB page. When there are frequent updates, general users tend to take part in group conversations. Generally bad reviews and service rants are reserved for stagnant FB accounts. In short future, FB accounts becomes a luggage for associated organization.

Smart Tweeting gets you Followers


Most businesses see tweeting as a form of time waste. And it’s a justifiable argument with most twitter accounts having few followers and fewer retweets.

A smart tweeting strategy opens-up followers that would normally never be able to access. Google also prominently display’s your Twitter feed on your search result. This makes tweeting all more appeasing to your company. It’s even more prominent than Google images search result associated with your brand name.


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