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Hospitality BusinessThe hospitality industry has always been accommodating changes’ in the way of doing business. But in the recent years, it has been a complete change-over.

With the entry of industry-changing services such as ‘Airbnb’, the hospitality service providers have been forced to re-evaluate their mode of operandi. The ‘Airbnb’ alone caters to around 150 million users who can browse and choose from any one of the 4 million verified Airbnb listings.

In order to survive and thrive, the hospitality service providers need to be more organized and streamlined in their daily operations.

This requires the hospitality provider need to serve complete package rather than stand-alone accommodation.

Let me explain

When the guest buys a hospitality package, it should be a completely relaxing hands-off experience. A hospitality business is better geared to provide this service than a stand-alone operator. In this blog, we will discuss how the hospitality businesses could turn their inherent benefits into a great competitive advantage. This involves building the audience and collecting feedback on a daily basis.

Redefine punctuality and time management

Something that could definitely dampen the sunny jolly mood of your guests is bad planning or lack of punctuality from your side during their holidays. If you aren’t keen on keeping up with your schedule, you may end up turning the enthusiasm of your guests into sullen frustration.

Even with the best of intentions, there are a number of factors that could throw your punctuality off the rails. For example, you may miscalculate the number of guests, get the timings of program wrong or even make bad booking spots. In all these cases, you need to have a more systematic way to manage your bookings.

Instead of trying to handle your obligations on a fly-by basis, you can implement a hospitality CRM software to manage your hospitality services on a more systematic basis.This ensures that your entire team is available on a single platform. You can also make sure that your bookings never get flagged or misrepresented due to bad arrangements.

With the CRM software for the hospitality industry, you can streamline and optimize the different activities that go into a great hospitality package. The Mobile CRM ensures that all the team members are on the same page concerning program details and their respective responsibilities. You can also start time-stamping your different activities for later review and analysis.

Suiting the menu to the guest preferences

In case you are offering tour packages, you should be prepared to serve groups with different taste and preferences. As anything else in life, understanding food preferences could be the shortcut to understanding your customer.

First of all, this means that it’s not a good idea to limit your guests’ options to a ‘cut-and-dried’ menu option.You need to be flexible enough to match and meet the specific requirements of your guests.

Whether you are a hotelier or flight service provider, you need to allow your guests to state their preferences and meet them to the best of your ability.

Later, you can utilize this data you later meet those expectations.

For example, let’s consider an airlines menu. If you think about it, the hospitality industry also needs to cater to passenger groups as diverse as airlines.

The airline’s menu tries to cover and satiate the taste of its diverse passenger preference.

In this situation, you could benefit from creating a customer profile for each user. All these profiles could be stored within a CRM Platform. This is basically known as customer profiling

Within a single cloud-based profile, you can collect and streamline the customer requirements on a single platform. Based on this information, you can start offering better options in the future.

This process could be a catalyst to gain a better understanding of your guests. As the food preferences practically offer a peek view into the guest tastes’, you can use this strategy to improve your guest experiences.

Streamline and organize your tour packages

With the high-cost of hospitality package, your guests won’t be content with just the table-top services.or some rough plan of a package. You need to iron out the details and execute them to hilt.

You should be able to connect the different activities and connect them to a single pipeline of activities. This involves deciding and executing with precision where the guests should stay, should or shouldn’t spend time etc…

If you are looking to provide your guests with a completely hands-off experience, this should involve arranging and managing all the ingrained articulate details of the tour.

For this, you need a CRM software rather than a standalone software. This involves organizing and streamlining the sales process through a single platform.

By promising and delivering the right tour package, you can satisfy your existing customers while driving future sales. This means higher margins in the future. Better margins mean higher profits, which could be turned into more suitable hospitality packages.

Bring out your ‘competitve-pricing’ advantage

According to studies, the pricing is a definite factor at the compare-and-choose phase of the business. But that’s just the starting point of the customer relationship.

You need to follow-up a competitive pricing with a great service experience.In other words, you can’t make your customers feel that you are pulling back on potential expenses.

In other words, you can make them feel like they have just landed in the faulty towers where they feel unwelcome.

Instead of cost-cutting, a guest management system lets you overview and optimize the various hotelier processes. This helps you effectively cut back on the pricing without affecting guest experience.

It also helps you continuously monitor the booking levels, which allows you to decide on the optimal pricing to maximize bookings across the calendar.

And, this brings us to the next point.

Create a sales funnel to fill-up the accommodation spots

As you are running a business, it’s not a good idea to expect your guests to turn out of the blue and fill-up all the spots throughout 365 day period.

If you maintain fill-up rates across your booking spots, it will deliver a considerable upturn in revenue. This allows you to provide better services and perks for your guests.

For all these, you need to maintain relatively filled-up bookings across the board

This could be possible through developing a sales funnel to manage your potential guests

Travel or Tourist BehaviorYou can explain a sales funnel mechanism as simple as below.

All the potential guests who are enquiring about your services may not have immediate intentions to make the purchase. They could be just checking out the market on a seconds whim or they could be looking at the holiday options for a vacation six months down the road.

You need to evaluate and understand their interests to commit to a particular purchase. By having a CRM-based sales funnel, you can be sure that you are effectively communicating with each of these leads to turn them into paying guests in the future.

With Kapture CRM, you can directly evaluate and assign the level of interest assigned to each customer. This allows you to do immediate bookings with the right customer. Otherwise, you can also assign and set reminders for future contact for each individual customer.


If you are hospitality service provider, you need to learn to take a more comprehensive approach towards serving your guests. By creating service packages tailored to your guests, you could make your business services more desirable for your specific target audience.

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