4 Ways CRM Platform Saves The Life Of A Sales Manager

In most organizations, the sales managers carry responsibility to ensure that sales targets are met and revenue clock is constantly ticking. For the same reason, sales managers also take the most practical and pragmatic point of view of their sales processes.

You know, nothing could be a better eye-opener than the pressure of a fast approaching month-end to reach the sales target.

As a result, most managers have grown to think of sales management as a tight rope act. They need to constantly calculate and counter the different factors that are present 360 degree.

This leads to a sales manager being constantly overwhelmed and out of steam to make important decisions.

At any point of time, there could be different thought threads running through the mind of a sales manager.

Clearly, these questions have unclear answers or even may be simply irrelevant. As a result the concerned decision maker may simply end-up confused and/or in a constant bad mood.

A Sales CRM empowers the sales managers to take decisions based on the available business data. It also helps you discover practical business insights that will lead you towards taking right decisions.

In this article, we will be discussing about the different ways and significance of making right decisions to improve your business. We will also look into the underlying challenges in sales management that can determine your sales proficiency.

What’s the Toughest Part in Sales Management?

From its end-to-end, sales process goes through independent activities and processes. For this, you need to first determine the underlying mechanism of sales management.

Sales Management is a series of steps that independently determine whether your end-prospect sticks or drop-off from your business radar.

If you are looking to improve just one part of sales without looking into the next, it will guarantee no final sales improvement.

The following pie chart segments the different activities that consume the day of a sales manager.

Sales Management

In retrospective, the sales managers are hardly able to allocate 60% of their time towards the activities that could change their financial bottom lines. This may turn sales into a grinding process that may burn-out or lead the managers into taking the wrong decisions.

In this dilemma, sales CRM platform can help managers by providing a consolidated decision-making pipeline.

But, how can a data management platform like CRM be an aid to decision-making apparatus?

Well, let’s discuss.

1.Better Initial Prospecting with CRM

Almost all sales managers still unanimously vote the initial prospecting to be the toughest and critical part of their entire sales process.

If you are able to start with a pool of high quality prospects, it will present the best opportunity to meet your final target. Without quality prospecting, all your follow-up sales process gets diluted or loses its proficiency.

So, how can you determine who’s the right prospect? These are the chief qualities of a good prospect.


In short, good prospecting will add to the value of your product and service. A bad prospect can waste your time or lead to unhappy customers. Meanwhile, good prospecting leads to better customer understanding.

The sales CRM can consolidate all lead information and particular query to a single dashboard.


This gives an easy overview of the present customer variety, preferences and leading sources of customer queries.

2.Develop panache for Higher Sales Conversions

As a universal truth, only about 40% of the sales executives will fulfil their sales targets. The others usually fail to close the deals or need help to get through the final sales stages.

By handling all activities through an integrated platform, the managers can have an oversight of all undergoing processes. It allows you to consolidate and drive your process forward. This also helps you achieve better sales conversions.

3.Qualifying a definite Sales Strategy

The role of sales managers doesn’t just end with taking decisions concerning current situations. The end strategy should concern measuring and improving the existing sales strategies.

In usual situations, decision making gets constricted to the steps that may immediately increase the sales volume. For example, the sales manager may try to get over a sales slump by increasing the marketing budget or hiring new sales employees.

Instead of just taking impulsive decisions based on limited factors, the CRM platform helps you take focused and informed decisions.

A CRM software helps you get a 360-degree view of the surrounding circumstances. This may help you answer the following important questions.

Is it getting interested of high-quality prospects? Is it maintaining a long-term sales pipeline? Should you offer more pre-sales services to clients? Are clients using your product or service the right way?

The CRM reports help you visualize the collected data to make important decisions in the least amount of time.This increases your capability from just plainly theorizing on your important business aspects.

For example, consider the report that consolidates the lead to sales progress.


By taking any particular day for the analysis, you can evaluate the quality of the leads. Further, this simple analysis also lets you follow the right steps that lead to maximum performance.

4.Manage Easy and Instant Communications

Most sales managers thrive on making a right communication to their sales teams. This may include sales tactics to sales approvals, which cannot be normally pre-meditated.

Kapture CRM instant ticketing and messaging lets you communicate with the sales teams. This avoids periodic delays and gaps in communicating with one’s team.


The sales management could be described as a series of decisions, where any single decision may determine your final sales outcome. The sales CRM could potentially help you nail each of these significant decisions.

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