Mobile CRM

Five ways Mobile CRM could provide technological edge for your sales team?

Mobile CRM

When wired telephone technology was invented, cold calling completely reinvented the sales process up to that point. Afterwards, the satellites and wireless mediums took-up the same mantle for the next decade. But the passage of time has turned mobile into a general business utility, taking away its status as a difference-maker.

Today,mobile CRM has transitioned into the technology that provides technological edge for competing enterprises. It combines the multiple technologies available at this point of time, overhauling your old ways of approaching and managing prospects.

Cloud-integrated Mobile CRM app provides a comprehensive way of managing your customer responsibilities.

By streamlining your multiple daily tasks and diverse processes, you can create a more coordinated process of responsible management.

Create a more cohesive and Coordinated Sales Team

Mobile CRM ensures that your entire team remains coordinated and accessible on a common platform. It combines all sales professionals into a virtual platform. This allows easy communication and idea exchanges that can facilitate better productivity.

The concerned managers could also have respite from stringent process management, letting them focus on more productive activities like re-strategizing customer approach. This provides a systematic way of improving your sales processes, streamlining daily meetings to designated employees. It also ensures that your daily tasks don’t get delayed or could get directly handed over to next available employee.

Manage work responsibilities through Mobile app

According to a research, sales employee’s take they could be 75% more productive if they are relieved of their data entry responsibilities. Mobile CRM provides a better way of managing responsibilities and streamlining their activities.

CRM Sales App let you integrate obligatory data entry into your daily activity, avoiding confusions and potential delays.

Tethered to a cloud infrastructure, it can exchange pictures, text messages, documents, voice files and even video chats. By CRM-integrated mobile GPS, you can also follow and track each employee activity to concerned destinations. By following one’s concerned routes, you can plot best routes and possible iterations in transit paths.

Personalize Customer approach and Management

Customers today expect the brands and businesses to care for them at multiple aspects of their journey. This involves multiple ways of customer interaction involving information management, managing queries and complaints, social media conversing etc…

Mobile CRM retrieves data from cloud and streamlines them to your mobile interface. This allows each sales person to respond to each query with personalized template. It also allows you to combine various threads to reiterate previous deals and closures.

CRM mobile platform enhances customer experience to the next level and keep them happy. This process directly provides a 20% increase in higher deal closures and better customer acquisition.

Customized Interface for your Sales activities

Better sales automation platforms are capable of blending into their customers daily sales activities. Mobile CRM enables you to realize a better way of managing prospect and acquiring customers. Mobile CRM combines multiple utilities such as task-management system, query resolution and process streamlining. This avoids problems with both traditional mobile and desktop applications such as lack of mobility and lack of adequate features.


All business wants to equip their sales team to their teeth, while not dipping too deep into their sales budgets. Kapture CRM mobile app can realize the advanced utilities for the modern sales team within understandable budgets.

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