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Garner the Customer engagement strategies to avoid churn and increase engagement

Suppose you are working in your office and it’s nearly lunch time. Suddenly, you receive a push notification from a new online store that offers you a wonderful discount on Chinese restaurants. How would you feel? Simply great!

Certainly, you wouldn’t have much time to search all the apps to find out smart deals and tempting discounts. A push notification is precisely what you need to save your time.

If you think from the perspective of your customers, a smart push notification can bring out significant customer engagement and brand loyalty. There are almost 50% of users who opt into push notifications and find them useful. Further, push notifications boost app engagement by 88%.

With the incredible number of apps flooding the market, the dynamics of competition have changed into much tougher one. App users are fickle and their vision is overwhelmed with thousands of options that result in a high rate of churn 75% of app users churn within 90 days.

So, how to make an exception for your app? What are the ways to remarkably cut down the churn rate?

Push notification is definitely an answer!
If you surely want to make a visible difference between you and your competitors, then keep in mind the below tactics:

Make Your Subscribers Feel Special

Bird’s eye view is not always effective for customer service; rather, every subscriber has a unique interest, which drew them to your website. Stop seeing your customers as a whole and start respecting their individualities. Make your push notification more relevant to the subscribers by personalizing it.

Highly targeted push notifications drive 293% more responses on average than broadcast messages, with some verticals achieving nearly 7x greater responses. It may differ from industry to industry:

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Why targeted push notifications make such a huge difference?

Let’s explain with an example, you are a new mother, having a cute little 2 monthold daughter. You subscribe to apps like Amazon, First Cry, Flipkart and frequently seek out good deals on baby products and newborn clothes. One day you receive a push notification offering great discount on diaper and baby food. This sudden offer will surely cheer you up.

That is why, 65% of users return to an app when push is enabled, and only 19% of users who do not have push enabled return to an app within 30 days.

For targeting your audiences you need perfect customer segmentation in terms of age, gender, occupation, geographical situation, purchase history and behavior. Put all the customer data on your CRM software and it will help you to get valuable insights on customer segmentation. Once the process is done, you will be able to decide on suitable offers for each segment.

Time is the Key for Every Lock

Here we will explain the time factor with two different aspects. Consider the below situations:

Situation 1: It is the middle of the night. After a long, tiring, day you are sleeping. Suddenly, your phone vibrates and a notification pops up on your screen. Won’t you feel annoyed?

Situation 2: You installed an app couple of months ago and yet not received any push notification or any offer from the site. That will certainly turn you off from using the app further.

The first situation can easily handle by segmenting the time zone with your CRM, in case you are having a globally accessible app. Or you can choose a suitable time period, keeping relevance with your offerings. For instance, if you are offering discounts or introducing new cuisine, it’s always better to choose the lunchtime (12 to 1 at noon). More precisely, you can separate your notifications specifying breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The second situation is rather tricky and required more attention to retain your subscriber and avoid churn.

A Recent study shows, 30% of android users didn’t receive any push notification within the first 90 days. Of those users, only 5% continued to use the app.

That happens when you have no track of your database and consequently failed to focus on retaining new customers.

Your information management software is well capable of handling all the information related to subscriptions. From your CRM dashboard, you can get constructive insights on new customers and their buying behavior and interest.

Sending weekly notifications can increase 90-day app retention by 2x on iOS and 6x on Android phones.

Come up with Maximum Creative Style

Creativity in your push notification plays an important role in how many visitors you are getting on your website.

Nowadays, creativity does not only signify punching lines and innovative copies. Use the power of image, GIF, video and audio to engage maximum users. Think out of the box and try different combinations of images, titles and messages.

This reach push notification can directly increase open rates by up-to 56%.

how to increase customer engagement

Your messages will be creatively sent, clicks will increase. And that means your website traffic will gradually increase.


What marketers need to always remember is that push notifications can be utilized for many different purposes and they should start using them to attain their marketing goals. However, it is vital to ensure that notifications are not looked upon as intrusive or uninteresting.

So, the general trend in the market shows the fact of correlation between notification frequency and greater app user retention rates.

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