How to beat the Monday Blues with these 5 simple Brain Hacks

How to beat the Monday Blues with these 5 simple Brain Hacks

How to beat the Monday Blues with these 5 simple Brain Hacks
Saturdays are fun. Sundays are even better

But Mondays???? Errr… not so much.

But a great Monday sets the tone of the entire week.

The question is how do you have an amazing Monday?

How do you have a Monday that beats all other Mondays – such that you feel that you’re unstoppable – unbeatable – unconquerable – I think I’ve run out Un’s (Bad Joke – Sorry).

Moving On – Having an amazing week comes down to a few nitty gritties that you can incorporate into your routine – which will give you a sure shot mental boost to have the best week you possibly can – so here are 7 things you can do to beat the Monday blues.

1 – Try to Get from the Day – Don’t Try to Get Through It

It’s 11 A.M. – you have your caffeine – you’ve got your to-do list and you’re working away – but there’s a voice somewhere that’s begging you to just wrap this day up so you can get back to that series you desperately want to binge watch.

The best way to avoid suffering is to quickly tell yourself “I’m going to try to get something from this day – I am not going to run away from it”.

It could be as simple as getting better at a task you’ve been avoiding for weeks – but if you can mentally buy into the fact that there really is something that you can get from the day – your Monday becomes brighter and happier instantly.

2 – HALT

The HALT acronym stands for,
H – Hungry
A – Angry
L – Lonely
T – Tired
These are some of the primal needs that we need to function optimally.

So, if you find yourself feeling terrible on a Monday morning ask yourself –
Am I Hungry?
Am I Angry?
Am I lonely?
Am I tired?

If you’re Hungry – Eat (Duh),
If you’re Angry – Try to analyze the reason and how you can manage it,
If you’re lonely – talk to someone you have a stronger bond with,
If you’re tired – Just STOP,

Either way – if you’re answer is a resounding yes to any of these emotions – stop what you’re doing – satisfy this need and then get back to work – you’ll find yourself flying through your tasks when you safely sort these emotions out.

3 – Take a Mini Vacation

You don’t need to save up for a vacation to feel relaxed and chill.

You can have a mini vacation everyday.

Here’s how you do it,
1 – Build a room in your mind that is painted in the calm hues of red, orange, or white.
2 – Fill this room with your favorite furniture.
3 – Build a door in your mind to the room.
4 – When you feel frustrated – step away from your desk – go to a quite spot and spend a few seconds in this room.
This process helps you relax and avoid reacting by cleaning up your mental addition machinery.

Your mind is always solving problems and if you’ve solved one and then next one appears – you’re still mentally reacting to the first problem and this whole problem-solution mess can put you in a super bad mood.

So go take that vacation.

3 – Write It Down

Here’s an exercise – pull out your phone – head over to your notepad and make a list of everything you wish you would be doing instead of sitting at your desk. That should let out some good ol’ steam.

You see when you are frustrated or feeling depressed – you’re like an engine that can let the steam out. Instead of balling your top off at a co-worker, just do this exercise and you’ll see yourself calming down instantly.

4 – Relive a Past Win

Giving yourself credit for a past win is the best thing you can do to start your Mondays on a positive note.

The writer of this article once failed in four subjects back-to-back and had to redo these exams in a period of two days. He had to write two exams per day and this was so out of his league that he needed a miracle to get through.

So he wrote his exams and waited – two months. Later, the results were out and he got straight B’s in all the subjects. This may not be as good as an A – but he managed to surpass his expectation of sure shot failure – he not only became a celebrity in his friend circle – but he now relives the joy he felt when he saw those grades and brings those emotions back into the present.

Pick a past win – relive it and then get into your day – you’ll find yourself becoming ultra-productive and happy throughout.

5 – Meditate

Now, not go all whaattt??? but starting your day with a few moments of meditation can help you avoid getting frustrated throughout the day.

Meditation is like when you pour sand into a glass of water – it gets all muddy at first but then the sand settles. Your thoughts are like this sand and your mind is the water. The first few minutes may seem like your mind is whizzing past thought bullets but after about the 20th breath – you will slowly relax.

You can then bring this calm disposition into your day making your Monday – the best day of the week – after Saturday of course 😀

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