Appointment scheduling Software

Appointment scheduling Software for Sales Rep Efficiency: An optimal integration for your business

Appointment scheduling Software

If you ask a sales rep, having to manage and fulfill the daily string of meetings is always a tough challenge. These are some of the frequently occurring questions for a sales guy – which prospect marks the highest probability of conversion?How to determine the value of a particular prospect?Can I postpone a particular meeting? Is it possible to get hold of this prospect in the future if I postpone the meeting?

The sales rep is considering different conflicting opinions and objectives to fix each appointment.

An appointment scheduling software can radically change the way in which each new sales prospect is approached and managed. This allows you to take effective decisions to engage and manage each field appointment prospect.

If you are inquisitive, you may now ask a number of questions.

Does it improve any particular aspect? Does it improve my efficiency? What can I do to make my selling more poignant?

In this article, we will examine the combined effect of appointment scheduling system in influencing your sales output. We will also examine the different ways that the sales rep can use appointment scheduling to improve your prospect’s experience.

Combing Geographic Zones for possible Appointments

As it is, the number of prospect meetings is a definite factor that determines your final sales outcome. In most urban or even semi urban areas, there are specific geographic zones which carry higher or lesser concentration of prospects.

If you have better planning, you can fix and manage your daily plans according to specific geographic zones.

An appointment scheduling system like Kapture CRM, lets you sift through particular geography to uncover maximum number of prospects.

By having a single prospect or customer list, you can acquire the entire list through a simple filtering process.

Appointment scheduling CRM

This enables your sales reporting to go through the entire list of possible prospects. Afterwards, the sales rep can go forward and fix the meetings in each time slot for a day.

This allows you to create and follow a pre-set daily plan that incorporates a fixed number of prospect meetings.

Selecting the Right prospects every day

In the present day, you can generate large volume of leads through digital platforms in relatively low cost. This means that the ability to pick and prioritize right prospects could be the ultimate difference maker amidst the market competition.

The ability to select right prospect can even act as a competitive advantage. A good sales rep maintaining a pool of high quality prospects can land better opportunities than a comparatively better sales guy working on an inferior list of leads.

It’s also a factor that contributes towards consistently achieving higher conversion rates.

The way to improve your qualitative prospecting is to collect in-depth customer data.

Sales Rep Appointment scheduling

This allows you to attend every meeting with adequate customer information that may come useful. This will also decrease the stress of arranging and fixing the meetings with the right opportunity.

Finding and Arranging the right Appointments

If you don’t have an automation platform, the role of managing your meetings almost becomes a manual handpicking activity. This means that your main daily activity involves flicking through business cards or tab between multiple excel sheets. Needless to say, this puts limitations to human capability in managing your selling opportunities.

Otherwise, you stand the risk of approaching a prospect later than the competitor, which will bust your chances of acquiring that particular customer.

Enter prospect Scoring.

This involves collecting comprehensive customer data to rate them as per previous performances. This also acts as a nuanced form of customer data collection.

With an audience-wide customer tagging, you can also start analyzing your entire prospect quality with a single glance.

Managing all the Non-productive Selling Activities

According to mackansely, the inside sales reps are used to spend a staggering 75% of their time on data consolidation instead of pursuing new selling opportunities. Commonly, this time is attributed to drilling and finding quality prospects among the available pool of prospects. For example, you may be needed to compare between different prospects that may conclude with a successful outcome.

A appointment scheduling CRM lets you integrate all customer information in a single dashboard.

Field Sales Scheduling

This also lets you arrange and set future meetings based on previous meeting patterns.

If you can establish this protocol, it will ensure a relatively higher quality of meeting compared to non-structured arrangements.

Planning-out each particular Day

If you are having particular meetings on a particular day, arranging or arriving at the best form of meetings could be confusing or apparently conflicting.

For example, consider these basic factors that require consideration in each scheduling plan.

  1. Choosing meetings
  2. Meeting scheduling
  3. Fixing meeting pattern
  4. Maintaining punctuality
  5. Establishing meeting objectives

When you add together the requisite five or six sales rep for an organization, it suddenly becomes a formidable challenge.

The CRM-based scheduling software, you can set the time slot for each meeting. Upon the completion of each meeting, the concerned manager would receive an intimation.

Alternatively, the manager can raise ticket for a new opportunity through the mobile CRM. The mobile ticket also lets you reach the particular prospect before competitor.


The age of competition has seen flexibility and capability becoming the main driving factor at successfully handling customer meetings. You also should have the ability to furnish essential information and data for each concerned client.

A system that allows you to fix and consolidate maximum number of meetings can radically improve your success ratio.

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