Issue Tracking system

Why your Business really needs an issue tracking system?

Issue Tracking system

If you are tracking your customer issues, you can see that it’s rarely a one-time transaction of information or service. When you answer one particular query, it usually attracts a series of follow-up questions. This requires constant figuring-out, understanding and resolution of your customer issues.

A normal organization would be constantly viewing an influx of issues through varying degrees of complexity and difficulty. It’s impractical to expect a single individual to resolve all these queries possessing only a particular skill set. Otherwise, the different issues may get resolved to different degrees that result in inconsistency in managing customer queries.

An issue tracking system or ticketing system lets you effectively handle these diverse issues in a single process channel. It allows you to easily collaborate and communicate for managing different customer issues. It also helps you store, manage and retrieve all the previous customer communications through a single platform. It helps you establish a system that helps you ensure that all issues are immediately resolved or are getting transferred to the right quarters.

Without an issue tracking system, all these issues may get accumulated for the review of a single individual. This could dramatically limit the speed and capability of your issue resolution.

These issues are immediately resolved and transferred into the right quarters for resolutions. It may have issues with different degree of complexity or difficulty in resolution.

In an organization, the customer issues come through to the service department or personnel.

Managing Customer issues from one end to the another

If you are looking for the signs of an inefficient issue resolution system, it would be the lack of definite labeling and methodology in handling the incoming customer queries. In hindsight, this may simply lead to the stacking of customer issues. Resultantly, you can also lose track of following particular queries among all the multiple incoming queries.

In this situation, you should have a system that can efficiently transfer your customer queries from one end to another. Ie. From the customer end to a resolution point that has adequate expertise or equipment to achieve a resolution for the query.

For this reason, all the incoming queries should be going through a systematic process before they are transferred to the resolution center.

A ticketing system is a convenient and efficient way of managing all customer complaints.

In the initial stage, the service representative gets customer conformation and enters the particular issue in the form of an issued ticket.

Issue Ticketing system

The process lets you initiate the issues through one of the multiple organizational channels that may be required to resolve customer query.

You can represent the customer issue resolution through this simple diagram.

Customer Issue Tracking

In the initial multi-channel reception funnel, your multiple customer queries get streamlined to a single channel. This also allows your entire customer queries to be consolidated into a single dashboard.

Afterwards, you can assign a particular person or department that suits a particular nature of query.

This system can remove the constraints and complexities of an unstructured issue resolution system. It also ensures that all the queries are resolved in a timely fashion, eliminating the chances of being put-off indefinitely by the service team.

Opportunity to Build and Nourish Customer Relationships

According to studies, customer service is one of the foremost factors that will determine your customer satisfaction.

As we have mentioned, the business-customer relationship is rarely a one-time transaction. For example, your customer query is usually a mix of service and technical queries. Occasionally, it may also ask for assistance from the finance department.

In this situation, you can’t provide a back handed resolution for all pressing customer issues.

An issue management system lets you have a long-form way of managing customer queries. This lets you receive and streamline all customer queries for achieving their optimal resolution.

Manage issue Resolution Timings and proficiency

According to study, the customers’ satisfaction concerning an issue resolution could be connected to these main problems – issue resolution duration and resolution proficiency.

A ticketing system lets you establish a system that resolves customer queries in a strictly time bound manner. If the issue doesn’t get resolved within a given time period, it gets escalated to a senior hierarchy.

You can also view the tickets that are resolved and currently being reviewing by the team or each individual.

A CRM based ticketing resolution lets you manage the issues to the right dashboard. You can also simulate all issues through a single dashboard.

Managing the Frequency and volume of Issued tickets

The purpose of establishing an issue resolution system is to focus on the continuous improvement of customer experience.

For example, you can monitor the volume and frequency of tickets for each issue or department.

This helps you understand the most challenging customer issues and focus your resources on resolving them.

Similarly, you can track customer issues on a timeline. This lets you view the impact of customer queries on a particular dashboard.

Improve Individual Employee Performances

A comprehensive ticketing system lets you view all the incoming queries. Further, you can filter and segregate queries based on individual employee or team. It also mentions the achieved resolution and time consumed for each query. You can also easily check on unresolved queries.

This system allows you to evaluate individual performances on particular time scale.

You can view the number of tickets being generated in a given time line. This gives you a single window performance evaluation for your entire service team.

This system lets you manage your customer issues and handle customer complaints.

This issue resolution system also acts as a potential motivation to ensure that each issues gets the most appropriate attention.


The customer issue management has numerous benefits – improve online business portfolio, higher customer satisfaction, better customer understanding, more efficient resolutions etc.

The combination of all these benefits elevates the issue management into a requisite business skill.

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