AI Ticketing Software What are the Benefits And Why You Need It

AI Ticketing Software: What are the Benefits And Why You Need It

Today we are surrounded by the brilliance of artificial intelligence. Take a look around. From coffee makers, and voice-enabled gadgets to self-driven cars, the wave of smart technology is engulfing us, making experiences last forever. How does AI play a role in providing smoother customer experiences from a business perspective?

Here’s how!


AI, NPL, and other keywords to get you started

AI promises to be the next big disrupter in the field of CRM. It has the potential to transform data into valuable information which can be used by organizations to achieve their goals.

With AI, machines are enabled to act smarter, and quicker and replicate human thinking by performing tasks that require reasoning, planning, learning, and understanding of natural language. Natural Processing Language (NPL) refers to the branch of AI that is concerned with the interactions between computers and humans. NPL enables building machines that absorb, recognize, and respond to human text or voice data.

Go a layer deeper and you will discover that machine learning is a key component of AI. Why should you be concerned about machine learning? Machine learning refers to feeding a computer algorithm via which a computer can analyze and make sense of huge amounts of data without direct instruction. 

So why is it necessary to know these ‘layers’?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have opened avenues via which customer support is simplified and automated, tailored to meet the needs of your customers and the convenience of operations. AI-powered CRM systems bring numerous benefits to your organization. Above all,  AI-powered CRM systems eliminate or minimize the extent of human engagement in customer care. 


AI-Driven Ticketing Management Software

Automation has become an important part of customer service as it helps in providing an enhanced and more personalized experience to the customers.

A ticketing management software automates the process of creating and managing customer queries in the form of service tickets. Service agents are assigned these tickets and then address, manage and resolve them, keeping the customer updated accordingly. By automating this function, numerous tasks that fall under the customer service “umbrella” are automated. Using AI-powered tools like chatbots and automated responses to customers provides a smoother customer experience.

Automation reduces the cost of processing data and improves efficiency and effectiveness.

Chatbots powered with Artificial Intelligence are substantially cutting customer wait times and resolving their problems more quickly, which is increasing customer loyalty.  Agent-assist technology is powered by AI to automatically interpret what the customer is asking, locate knowledge articles and display them on the customer service agent’s screen while on the call. Customers like to solve issues on their own. In this case, having access to a knowledge base that suggests the right solution-oriented articles is useful.


Choose the right AI ticketing software

It is beneficial to choose an AI ticketing software suitable for your business requirements. Choosing one that is customizable to your needs is recommended, this way you filter features that will enhance your business. Kapture CRM boosts your customer service agents to serve more customers quicker with SaaS AI ticketing software equipped with live-chat function, mobile compatibility to address tickets on the field, and numerous other features.


Benefits of AI ticketing software for your business

  • Human-like conversations with zero agent dependency

Reduce response time with Kapture’s AI live chat feature that tries to find a solution for your customer queries without agent intervention, until needed. With the Natural Language Processing engine, the chatbot uses automated responses to seek more information from the customer without depending on an agent to initiate the conversation. Provide instant, contextual responses and solutions to your customers.

  • Automatic ticket routing:

Kapture CRM can help you reduce response time by automatically routing tickets to the right agent. Agents receive all the details required with access to customer’s previous interactions, ticket status, payment and purchase history, and more.

  • Self-service for improved resolution

Self-service is a boon for customers who want instant solutions to their queries. With self-service portals, customers can find what they are looking for without having to spend time talking to an agent. For instance, a customer wants to track a package. With the help of a knowledge base system (aka KMS), customers can engage in discussion forums. Doing so encourages relationship building and information exchange. Customers will also find it incredibly useful to be able to find information at the tips of their fingertips.

  • Omnichannel support

With AI ticketing software, agents can view all interactions from multiple channels in one window. Provide personalized and quick service for each engagement with the voice and tone of a human service agent.

  • Personalized Experiences

AI delivers the right answers to customer queries and additional suggestions, as needed. Each customer is greeted and leaves with a satisfactory experience after having encountered an AI-powered assistant. 

  • Virtual Workforce Available 24×7

AI is fluent in delivering human-error-free service and minimizing manual labor. Customer service is enhanced with AI because the information is pre-fed based on anticipated queries from customers.

The best part about AI? No holidays! Humans cannot be expected to work 24×7 and it is normal for agents to feel burnout too. Your service agent might be on leave, but AI will be right there to serve your customers day and night. 


Try it before you equip it!

Book a demo with Kapture CRM and take your customer support to the next level with AI ticketing software. CRM is more than a database. Begin the transformation from a database to cloud-based systems with AI-powered tools that help your customer support agents become more productive, personalized, and better.

Machines, particularly AI, outperform humans in terms of efficiency. Do more with less and elevate customer support experience by integrating AI-driven ticketing management software. 

Key takeaways

  • AI  boosts business efficiency
  • AI ticketing software improves customer service experience through chatbots, automating agent’s ticketing tasks and interpreting large amounts of data
  • With AI, customer support is available 24×7
  • AI ticketing software offers omnichannel support and self-service features, beneficial for customers and your support agents
  • Agents can identify common questions and responses with Machine learning technology
  • Lesser room for error with AI ticketing software
  • AI-powered chatbots and other AI tools can offer solutions based on prior results
  • Reduce response time by automatically routing tickets to the right agent with AI ticketing software
  • AI ticketing software increases customer satisfaction, customer retention, and loyalty rates

Optimize your support and maximize revenue today. Request a free demo here!


FAQ’s –

What is an automated ticketing system?

Help desk service agents create ‘tickets’ based on customer support requests initiated when a customer encounters an issue. This process is automated by a ticketing system. A ticketing system has various other features that aid in providing a smooth customer experience.

What are the Benefits of AI ticketing management software?

Some of the benefits of AI ticketing management software are as follows: 

  • Immediate ticket resolution.
  • Labeling and categorizing tickets.
  • Cost-saving and increased service efficiency.
  • Personalized customer service.
  • AI ticketing management software can positively impact branding.

What is automated ticket resolution in machine learning?

Automated ticket resolution means the process of creating, managing, resolving, and following up on a service ticket is automated, enhancing workflows in customer service departments. With Kapture CRM, labeling tickets based on priority makes it easier to assign them to service agents.

What is AI ticketing?

An AI ticketing system uses AI technology and automation for immediate ticket resolution. An AI ticketing system enables features like self-serve and categorization of tickets, improving efficiency and customer experience.

How AI is helping Ticketing Management?

AI ticking management enables conversational interfaces, natural language processing, automated workflows, reporting and analysis of customer queries, and quicker resolution time.


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