Take a Break – 5 Awesome Ways to Chillax in Your Office Break


How does our normal day look like? Commute to the office, punch-in late and tell everybody you were stuck in traffic – Enroute to stress. Then comes your boss and asks about that mind-blowing pitch you had to make which didn’t happen because you couldn’t understand the brief. Now you get the deadline which equals to more stress.

Working efficiently in office is a harder task in itself and it becomes more frustrating when our mind doesn’t cooperate with us. If you’re able to relate then trust me, you’re not the only one, we all have been there. Stressing yourself overall this is not the solution.

So, what is it? How to work more efficiently and be more productive?

Well, we’ve taken the phrase “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” quite seriously. It’s a known fact that a 10-minute break every hour is a good way to relax before you return to your monotonous job. It helps you look at the things from a new perspective. Here are 5 awesome ways to chillax in your office break.

1) Monument Valley:

Inspired by the famous illustrator M.C. Escher, this game is visually pleasing and quite de-stressing. Even if the situation at work gets out of control, you can always count on this game to regain some of it as you direct Princess Ida as she glides through the icy valleys to reach her goal.

2) Paper Toss:

An office favourite. What started as a friendly challenge of aiming a paper ball into the wastebasket soon succumbed under the pressure of technology and moved to the app store, becoming one of the most downloaded game ever. Feeling unproductive? Maybe you could try to beat the score of players around the world.

3) Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG):

Too many escalations from a picky client who is driving you insane? This is THE game you should try. Playing on a server with 100 other random people with the sole purpose of being the last survivor can be quite exciting. Run around the elaborate map eliminating people with your SMG or pistol till you’re the last man standing. Of course, once you start playing you are bound to get addicted, so maybe save up a few 10-minute breaks, to indulge in one thrilling game of PUBG.

4) Pigment:

Explore your artistic side with this digital colouring book. Similar to little kids, our mind also reacts to colours in a positive way. If you feel like you need a break, just download this app and start painting your masterpiece. Remember when you were young and your shark was yellow and dinosaur purple? Relive those pleasant moments with Pigment.

5) Jigsaw Puzzles:

If you’re looking for something intense and challenging, this is the game for you. With over 500 puzzles, you can spend hours putting together a beautiful painting or a famous landmark. For work, you may want to stick to the smaller puzzles but try them later none the less.

All this aside, sometimes constantly looking at the computer screen or mobile phone can be quite straining to the eyes. So, be smart, go old-school. Grab a cup of coffee, and get some fresh air. No game can beat the stress relief you’d experience with the little things like these.

How do you spend your little breaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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