National Salesperson Day

Ways to thank your salesperson this National Salesperson Day

“I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard.” – Estee Lauder


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As the National Salesperson Day is inching closer this year (March 06, 2020), here’s a few ways through which you can show your sales team how much you appreciate them!

    1. Take them out to lunch or dinner: Thank your sales team for their hard work throughout the year by treating them to a nice meal. This makes them valued and appreciated and know that their efforts have not been overlooked by you. While encouraging non-work related conversations, a team lunch also helps you in getting to know your salesmen better.
    2. Acknowledge efforts publicly: Being a salesman is no easy job. They have to face tough, angry or even impatient customers on a regular basis. Recognizing your salesmen’s effort publicly is important as it motivates them to continue their good work. In addition to crediting them privately, appreciate them on a public forum if possible. This could be an office meeting or a simple social media post.
    3. Ensure sales team works in a fun environment: When the sales work gets hectic, what keeps salesmen motivated is a fun work environment. This could include occasional ice breakers, fun competitions between the salesmen followed with a simple reward. A small step in this direction can take you a long way in boosting their morale.
    4. Reward your top performers: Always make sure that the efforts of good salesmen don’t go unnoticed. Assess the performance of your entire sales team once in a couple of months and reward the top performers with a ranking of star performers. You could also have a board hung in the office Not only will this keep them motivated to keep up the good work, but also encourages other salesmen to do a better job. Your sales team being happy is as important as making sales.
    5. Cash incentives: No rewards match the excitement of getting cash rewards. Encourage your sales team to meet or exceed their sales targets by rewarding them with bonuses or commissions of a sort.
    6. Offer learning opportunities: Investing in your salesmen’s future is an excellent way of showing that you acknowledge and appreciate their efforts. This includes offering them with online certification courses, workshops and training classes. While giving them a break from their office routine, this also ensures they are learning new skills.
    7. Ask your salesmen to decide: Sometimes it’s good to ask what the sales team wants. Mention your time frame, budget and other essentials and let them decide what they want. This could include a spa, gift vouchers or any other incentive.

Your sales team is a very valuable asset and always ensure that they feel that way too. Showing appreciation, giving thanks or even a simple positive remark can go a long way in keeping your salesmen happy and motivated.



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