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Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support

The global pandemic in the year 2020 accelerated the adaptation of new technologies and automation in SMEs and enterprise businesses across the globe. As per the survey, 75 percent of company leaders agreed to shift to automated technologies to improve their business operations. 

By 2019, 40% of enterprises were already actively using chatbots to facilitate business processes using natural-language interactions and as of 2022, the Chatbot adaptation has increased up to 80%.

Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support

Customers are looking for quick responses and instant support to their queries. 73 percent of customers prefer live chat over emails and phone calls. 

Live chat is the combination of technology and human skill set which enables businesses to create engaging and conversational experiences for customers. It also helps agents to overcome challenges faced during periods of high ticket volume, enabling easy data access and real-time engagement with customers.

Automation is a great way to deflect repetitive similar queries, letting your agents focus on more complex and high-priority tickets. Automation has helped provide ease to employees and employers in an efficient way to enrich their business functions and improve customer satisfaction.

 As per a Microsoft report, 68% of customers have a more favorable view of brands that offer or contact them with proactive customer service notifications.

Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support


The top 7 reasons to include an Intelligent ChatBot/Assistant in your customer support

1. Process Automation

One major advantage of using chatbots is automating mundane repetitive tasks such as answering frequently asked questions (FAQs) tracking my order, refund policy, password change, product replacement, etc for different customers. Addressing these regular and repeated activities could affect their productivity and in turn affect the business growth. 

With intelligent Chatbots underlined with conversational AI can allow agents to focus on high-priority complex queries addressing and automating the level 1 (regular and repetitive) activities. Chatbots can:

  • Free up the valuable time of your employees.
  • Ease their workload by attending to most of the repetitive tasks.
  • Allows them to focus on business activities for growth and success.


2. Chatbots Empower Customers and Deliver Faster Resolutions

On high-volume ticket days, agents are unable to attend to multiple queries from different customers at a given time. Mostly, the queries are common questions such as

  • Product or service details. 
  • Order tracking.
  • Replacement and refund. 
  • New products inquiry.
  • Service complaints.
  • Warranty and its expiry details.

Additionally, there can be times when a customer is reaching out for support on a complex pressing issue that an agent is unable to resolve. 

In such scenarios, the virtual assistant analyzes a query and recommends the relevant help article from within the company’s knowledge base to the agent to efficiently provide a satisfactory response to the customer. 

Integrating knowledge management systems (KMS) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) with AI-powered Chatbots, provides an intuitive self-service solution to the customer, improving faster issue resolution time and service management efficiency. 


3. Proactive Support 

One benefit of using AI-powered chatbots is to enable businesses to proactively message customers based on their behavior, purchase history, page views, previous interactions, and other conditions.

The chatbot allows onboarding customers by providing them with insights and helpful tips within the product or service. Businesses can send product or service announcements, news updates, offers, and discounts by sending push-notifications or can detect users facing trouble on your website and engage them with contextual conversations directing them to find what they are looking for.

Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support

The number of people favorable towards proactive customer service interactions.

For example, if a customer is closing the website after adding items to the cart, the Chatbot can prompt a question such as “Can I help you process the order for the items in your cart?”, this proactive approach will bring customers engagement with the products and services listed on the website, in-turn making the customer place the order.


4. Personalize every conversation with your customer

Customers are more likely to purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences. Make every user feel special with highly-personalized conversations that your customers deserve.

 Chatbot helps you automate query responses, FAQs, push notifications, reminders, and other communications, which are customized based on the customer’s previous interactions, past purchase history, behavior, and actions

With AI-powered multi-lingual language processing systems, businesses can engage customers from different zones and backgrounds proactively. These personalized interactions which are based on customer demography improve the customer experience and their relationship with the brand.


5. Support users on multiple messaging channels

Users are actively engaging with brands through social media channels. They seek quick responses to their complaints and queries. Integrating AI chatbots across messaging channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and more can provide a response to generic queries over these channels and improve First Reply Time (FRT). A two-way conversation that is personalized to make a natural communication experience that customers are adapted to in their daily lives.


6. Reduced cost per ticket:

Cost per ticket is a measure of how a help desk service agent conducts incoming queries and follows business functions. It is actually the total cost involved in generating the ticket, resolving the ticket, and providing the response. 

If chatbots are introduced in support centers, general repetitive tasks and issues get resolved which in turn lower the MTTR (Mean Time To Resolve). The faster the MTTR, the lower its cost per ticket.

Every year, around 265 billion customer support queries are made, costing businesses $1.3 trillion to service these queries. These queries also involve general inquiry calls or seeking delivery details which can be quickly handled by chatbots. 

As of 2022, almost 90 percent of the customer queries are dealt with chatbots, reducing the business cost by $8 billion for customer service and support. 


7. 24X7 Customer Support

Chatbots are important specifically for customer-driven businesses. Maintaining and operating a team that can care for customers all day for any incoming query in the 24 hours is very costly. 

Moreover, customers can even reach out looking for solutions post business hours. Implementation of AI chatbots in customer service makes your company’s support available for customers round the clock reducing frustrated customers’ count and cost to the company. 


Why Kapture Chatbot

With the Kapture chatbot, you can automate 80 percent of support queries, freeing up your agents from mundane repetitive tasks and focusing on high-value, complex queries.

Some of the features include:

Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support

  • Human-like conversations: Through the Natural Language Processing engine, our chatbot can interpret human speech and send preformatted responses to customers in human language.
  • Converse with customers through omnichannel access: Communicate with customers from multiple messaging channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • Be proactive to engage customers: Leverage advanced conversational AI to proactively engage with customers and contextual responses across channels in any language.
  • Live agent: Facilitate seamless customer support experiences through an automated chatbot to agent handoff when necessary.
  • Automated responses: Kapture’s robust AI chatbot responds to customer queries by fetching relevant answers from your updated knowledge base.
  • Personalized chat flows: Design and draft a complete customer response flow as per business functionality for automated responses by the chatbot. Create predefined templates with separate flows so that your chatbot is trained with multiple scenarios.

Top 7 Reasons to Include an Intelligent ChatBot in Your Customer Support

  • Reduce the number of incoming call tickets: Kapture’s AI-powered live chat provides swift resolutions to incoming general inquiries. Increase your agents’ productivity by helping them resolve multiple chat tickets at a time.


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