Three Action Items To Design World Class B2B Sales Presentations


Most people make buying decisions to alleviate some sort of inherent pain that they feel that your product can cure. But here’s the problem, prospects are not completely aware of what specific pain point they are trying to solve, so the job of a salesman is to take the best features of his product and then turn it into a benefit-driven presentation that looks to find the cherry blossom tree in the transaction.

What is A Cherry Blossom Tree in a Sales Interaction?


A Cherry Blossom Tree is the one key benefit or feature that completely seals the deal in the prospects head convincing him that your product is the best fit for him.

All Buying Decisions Are Emotional

Once you’ve found that Cherry Blossom tree, any objection that the prospect throws at you can be answered with the core benefit that this Cherry Blossom Tree Solve because he has already emotionally convinced himself, you just need to give his logical brain enough reasons to make him feel he has made the right choice

For this, you need to first design a world-class Sales Presentation that not only qualifies the prospect but also helps you slowly increase his certainty in your offering, till he’s confident enough to give you a Head Nod.


ACTION ITEM #1 – Qualify


The first thing to focus on while qualifying potential buyers is their previous experience. If they have purchased from a company like yours before, they will definitely have some specific requirements. To understand if your product is a good fit for them, use this question to begin the process of qualification;

1 – Have you ever hired a company like ours before? What was your experience with them and how can this service improve?

Next, you need to find out the individual considerations of the person you are speaking to. These questions focused on the person you are talking to and not the decision makers.

Try to ask;

1 – What responsibilities are on you personally when it comes to evaluating XYZ product?

2 – I hope you don’t mind asking but what responsibilities would fall on your shoulders when it comes to this engagement?

Finally, you have to uncover the organizational considerations of this person, what would look like a win for them personally if this project were to fall through and succeed.

Here is a sample question;

1 – To make sure I get you the right details, I’m wondering, what other stakeholders will be involved in this engagement? What roles will they have?



The sleaziest response to a prospects enquiry about your services is it to say “ What’s your budget?”. This not only puts off the prospect because it makes the salesperson come off as money hungry grub.

Instead, do it with finesse by integrating numbers, Target returns on investments, goals and other similar considerations into the beginning of the presentation.

You do this by asking about the general business goals, then transition into the prospect’s ideal ROI. Once you have a clear picture of the perfect win-win situation in mind, you reveal a feasible budget.

You can squeeze this in with a question like;

” You mentioned that the ideal revenue goal for you this year was $5000 and based on forecasts you would need about 2500 leads to reach this amount. So is it safe to assume, if I were able to get you to this ideal lead amount at the lowest cost per lead, it would help you not only hit your goal but also maximize your profits?”



Now you’ve armed yourself with the prospect’s goals and you’ve also told him what your budget looks like. You can then make your pitch.

Your pitch needs to be tailored to the needs of the person you are talking to. If you were pitching a website to a CTO, it would make no sense to talk about all the conversions he would get and how that would translate into higher revenue. Instead, you need to tell him about how much manpower he could save through you website solution which promises him a seamless experience, no bugs and 24/7 support from your end.


When a prospect agrees to meet you, he’s actively evaluating your competitors as well. To stay ahead of the flock, you need to be sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as hell and an expert in your field. You need to know everything there is to know about your product, your competitors and why the prospect should choose you over any other company. What’s more important is, at the beginning of a presentation, you just have 4 seconds to win the prospect’s trust. If you fail to do this, it’s going to take you another 10 minutes to get his attention and chances are you don’t make it that far.

Preparing yourself in advance for every possible objection is key to cracking leads. Read up, believe in yourself and remember to always qualify because there is nothing more draining than selling to an unqualified prospect.

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