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Sales time management tricks

The sales team is a core resource of any organization. A good sales team execution can broaden the profit margins while exceeding the sales targets which need sales time management tricks. A bad sales team can slice your profit margins and reduce the funds for improving your products.

It makes the sales talent a new hot-commodity in the tech market. While the individual skills might be highly valuable, the organizations are also looking at an overall strategy to improve the time management and collaboration within organizations.

Most Leads are waste of Time

time management in sales

It is true; Most leads are casual enquirers that either converts or becomes a future purchase. But the sales representatives are often forced to go-through the bad leads, before he could reach the better leads. A feature to prioritize and segregate leads could instantly increase the effectiveness of your sales teams.

Understand Your Process

sales time management tricks

Is your sales process effective? Are there too much hierarchical back-logs that slow down your process?

These are the important questions that you need to answer before you can decide your time management strategies. While the spreadsheets and group discussions can help you lay-out a ground plan, the actual factors that decide the final productivity could be far from satisfactory.

Save Clients Time First

sales time management tricks

A client would never like to do business with an organization that keeps them waiting. While an organization, that has a ready solution for a specific issue would be definitely considered professional. It helps you ultimately save the time of your sales professionals, while converting more leads.

Time management on Individual level

sales time management tricks

Even as you strategist your time management, it could be completely ineffectual if your sales individuals are not proficient. When you’re individual representatives are slacking-off, implementing the high productive strategies could be actually waste of time. It also helps you ensure that you are helping your professionals to meet their healthy productivity goals on a daily basis.

Make Social Media more Productive

sales time management tricks

For a sales team the social media is a double edged sword – it could be the source of new leads and inevitable time waste. It’s an easy way to slip-into casual conversations or renewing old friendships. A clear route-map for managing different sales channels are critical for directing and managing your social outreach campaigns.

Engaging Multi-team Collaborations

sales time management tricks

While the collaborating with multiple teams could look like a productive effort, it can also be wasteful activity of time.  For an organization, receiving leads from multiple streams, intimating the development teams should be among the later procedure. First of all, the sales teams can ensure that product budget and requirements could be collaborated.

Identifying Time wasting Activity

sales time management tricks

For every operational organization, there would be some activity which could be seen as productive, but actually turns-out to be a time waste. It could be a process at your sales activity or even attending the leads from a specific sector. Whether you decide to change your approach or attend different sectors, you need to ensure that processes are well-tweaked.

For a business looking to maximize its resources, efficient time management should be one of the primary goals. The Kapture CRM is ideally built to meet and manage your time saving goals, while helping your sales executives function more efficiently. For more information about how CRM implementation can help you sales process contact us

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