Team Collaboration


Team together and collaborate better

Smarter Mobile Team collaboration Tools

Smarter internal collaboration and better customer management is the key to optimized business performances. This also enables you to achieve better sales, better customer service and better customer feedback.

Kapture mobile CRM is a comprehensive and easier way to manage your business and collaborate better on your daily operations.

Run a more collaborative and connected team Operations

Kapture mobile CRM keeps your multiple teams connected on a mobile ecosystem. This enables you to manage multiple business processes and communications through the mobile vertical. Kapture mobile CRM system accelerates and streamlines your business interactions across the multiple team verticals.

  1. Smarter sales enablement with faster order approvals and transactions
  2. Enable better customer service throughout the verticals
  3. Create smoother way to manage your business
  4. Share new ideas and new objections
  5. Get real-time updates about the different performance metrics
  6. Receive different mobile reports

A smart business requires you to be continually connected and collaborative. Kapture CRM presents a smarter way to collaborate better and create more cohesive team operations.

Team or Group Colloboration Software
group icon Groups

Come together to accomplish more

Kapchat enables team members to create and edit user groups using which they can relay information to multiple team members at once. Multiple teams can have multiple groups for specific purposes with set permissions.

problem solving icon Problem solving

A platform to share and solve

Get your teams together on a mobile platform and work as a cohesive unit. Kapchat provides a stage for discussions so that multiple departments can easily come up with business solutions using their expertise.

data security icon Data security

Because privacy is a serious issue

With end-to-end encryption, securely converse with your team members. Employees and executives who are no longer a part of your business will have their access to application revoked automatically.

data sharing icon Data sharing

Sharing boosts productivity

Share images, videos, documents and spreadsheets with multiple teams and departments using a cloud-enabled platform, and quickly access them using a simple smart phone.