Pokemon In Business: How To Hack Your Business Growth Like Pokemon Go

pokemon go for business

Pokemon are everywhere and you just wanna catch e’m all! The world’s most popular game couldn’t be simpler and more engrossing at the same time.

Substituting Leads for with Pokemon, the same lines could be superimposed to your business and customer acquisition scenarios.

Like the elusive Pikachu in Pokemon Go, your best prospects could be hidden among the entire geographical spread. And it’s the fulfilment of your true spirit to seek them out and add them to your kitty.

The connection between Pokemon go and you’re Business

Gamification has been an active businesses strategy for many years. And Pokemon Go bridges this gap between digital space and business arena.

For acquiring prospects, most of the businesses try to stretch out their presence throughout the geography or keep waiting for customers to actually pay them a visit. Sadly, this approach can’t get you closer to your real prospects when their locations spread far and wide across cities.

Instead, you can glean insights from the wisdom of Pokemon Go to reach-out and pluck your prospects from their resting spot.

Adding Wisdom of Pokemon to your Business

The tiny jolly creatures, they are finding and bowling them over could be really hard to implement in an operational scenario. But serious gamers would vow that they are worth every bit of effort that they demand, even for the street-common Ratattas.

These are lessons acquired from the parallel world of Pokemon Go that needs to be absorbed and implemented into your daily business process.

Pikachus do exist in this world

Pokemon don’t just pop-out into an empty space. They were always there, waiting for someone to figure out their presence. This is especially true concerning the more precious oddities like Pikachu…. Recently, Dutch boy found one in his brother’s grave.

Likewise, you need to believe that your most precious customers are out there, waiting for you to discover them. Often, they are not the loudest or most obvious. But finding them is the true challenge for your business.

Be Resourceful with your Energy

As the name indicates, Pokemon Go requires you to go to places and visit spots. This requires you to be resourceful with your time and energy expenditure.

Really smart Pokemon players (the ones who advance the most) know that they can’t afford to go jumping-and-poking around in different spots. For this, they always plan and organize their business to cover the maximum geographical area.

Likewise, a CRM Dashboard can plot and spot your prospects across geography. This enables you to maximize your reach and interaction with your prospects. This also considerably increases your audience penetration across a vast operational area.

One Pokeball can’t catch them all

Unlike in gaming, business scenarios don’t allow you to spend your entire time to discover a few new prospects. Instead, you should invest time on multiple fronts. You can also run multiple marketing processes to attract your potential customers.

In the sense Pokemon Go, you should be wielding multiple balls directed towards multiple spots.

A Marketing Automation system lets you strike a combination of marketing campaigns to reach a larger customer base. This process also allows you to maximize your prospect exposure with respect to independent opportunities.

Err….Cheat Codes can’t hurt you

Ok, please don’t frown.

Successful gamers and businessmen are always looking at a smarter way of advancing their progress.
Sure, the cheat codes in gaming can be a final and definite fun-killer. But business cheat codes just create a level ground.

Process streamlining and automation system can side-line the traditional chaos to create a condensed process system. This enables you to apply yourself with the right form and application.

Run with the Gaming attitude

No doubt, you can collect Pokemon by visiting your usual spots. But the real ‘déjà-vu moments come to the fore when you go outside your comfort zone. People who really love the game are willing to go and experiment with a wide range of exotic places.


Reaching and converting your prospects into customers could be confusing in the absence of clear directives. In the last one week, Pokemon Go has seen ordinary people scourging their terrain to earn gaming characters. You could also utilize these lessons to take your business to every concerned individual.

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