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CRM For Small Business-Why Small Businesses Should Have Cloud-based CRM

Today, every business looks into Cloud transition as an inevitable step or progress.

If you are a traditional small business looking forward to the adaption of digital technology, you could be immediately hit by a number of technology-related phobias.

Is a change really required? Will cloud investment be too hefty? Can we handle the inbred technological complexity?

All these questions are only natural and require due serious consideration.

So, let’s analyze this basic fear occupying the human mind and why it is unfounded at choosing a cloud CRM solution.

The story of Icarus and Modern Business Fears

The story of Icarus could be a lesson in both precaution and innovation, depending on how you interpret it.

The legend of son Icarus and father Daedalus comes from Greek mythology.

According to myth, after being fitted with wings made out of wax and feathers, Icarus was able to take flight and travel by air.

But he discarded his father advise of not to fly too high. After a brief period of flying too high, the sun’s heat took its toll on his wings. It melted his wings and Icarus took a plunge into the ocean below, resulting in at his death.

This could be a lesson about the results of not following elders’ directives or not understanding the implications of technology.

Some people take this as a lesson to blindly follow the elder’s instructions.

Instead, we take this as a lesson for understanding the implications of one’s action and doing it the right way. This will make sure that you could fly high without taking the plunge.

In a similar vein, modern businesses are dissuaded by risk factor concerned with adopting new technology.

By completely migrating to Cloud CRM, your business could be opening yourself to many opportunities and risk factors. But, you just need to understand the implication of each action.

In this article, we consider multiple factors that could potentially affect your business.

Cloud CRM is conceived to be Robust

Most businesses are justly concerned about losing data that are both confidential and critical.

Here, cloud technology form one of the most secure way of managing your daily business process.

Remote cloud technology is one of the most robust technologies concerning data management and security. Within a cloud platform, your business is least likely to suffer from data loss or physical data theft.

It makes cloud servers one of the most secure locations to store and manage your data.

Increases your business SOPHISTICATION

Most long-running businesses have created a successful way of managing daily operations.

Most business owners are protective of their current successful way of managing the business and reject generic cloud-based alternatives.

With CRM cloud, you could derive a more organized way of managing daily operations. As these are custom-built based on existing business features, these augments your current way of managing a business.

Further, this increases the sophistication at managing your daily business.

Easier Bookkeeping and contact MANAGEMENT

A traditional method of record keeping tended to rely on pen and paper method. By default, this system is slow and incapable of scaling required for modern business processes.

With cloud CRM-enabled, you could streamline all data into a single database. This data allows you to manage records and contacts through a single interface. Cloud data management avails easier contact access and avoids data duplicity.Free CRM Trail Banner

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