6 new year resolutions that will help your business in 2017

Resolution for 2017

Yes, finally it’s happening!

Welcome, 2017! The year 2016 has finally come to an end. Globally, this year had a mostly sour relationship with its occupants. You could go on and on – Brexit, US Elections, toughening market competition, growth rate slow-down etc.

You could even almost experience the sourness leaving your mouth right now.

Most of these things lie beyond our control. And to tell you the truth, most of us aren’t facing any immediate repercussions due to these changes.

Instead, the Year 2017 is the time to take things into our own hands. These meaningful business resolutions will help you accelerate your business growth.

So, let’s jump right into it!

  1. Get a Responsive Mobile Website

Globally, businesses are going mobile.

According to Google’s mobile-first indexing, your desktop website will have a high scale of ranking difficulty. In this scenario, mobile websites will become a practical prerequisite to garner any online visibility.

If you don’t have a mobile website, you need to stop reading this article and contact a web development firm. If you have an existing mobile website, try to improve the load time and overall usability.

Otherwise, it could cripple your business growth.

Unless you have a mobile system, you would be limiting your reach and usability. You would also be constricting in your own incoming business opportunities.

  1. Create AMP Web pages

Last year, one of the most significant announcements of Google was its Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). You can start by creating your own AMP website and by validating it for AMP compliance.

An AMP enabled website can deliver a mobile customized version of your website for exclusive mobile users.

You can also start leveraging the popularity among your web audience with an AMP validated business website. Check out this search engine watch article for more detailed information.

  1. Shift your Focus on Social media

In the previous year, we were content with motivational and engaging content on social media.

In 2017 the marketer’s attention will shift to user engagement and remarketing. The year 2017 will undoubtedly see advancement in this arena.

Your social marketing plans also need to include newbie activities such as snapchat and Facebook live.

  1. Bring down the call resolution Times

Various studies have repeatedly established that customer resolution quality and waiting times are important for any business to boom. This requires you to have a comprehensive system to manage customer queries.

A connected ticketing system lets you oversee and manage all the incoming queries. This will also help you systematically bring down the individual query resolution times.

This helps you manage the quality of issue tracking system. It also improves your individual call quality.

  1. Focus on Customer experience or CX

If you ask us to name one positive development in 2016, we would definitely point at the shifting focus towards CX or customer experience.

The year has seen CX grow-up from an added customer benefit to become the mainstay of marketing and sales strategy.

The first principle of CX is that your customer should be able to enjoy your product/service. This goes well-beyond satisfaction or improving your customer service.

It also involves understanding your customer demographics and tailoring products to suit the taste of your customers.

  1. Build long-lasting customer relationships

Finally, businesses have grown to recognize that customer retention is more important than customer acquisition.

This allows you to shift your focus to building long-lasting customer relationships.

It lets you nourish and manage your relationships to create positive ROI. Further, this will form the foundation to expand your client base.

Take away

We would rather be surprised if anyone gets too disappointed about the passing of the year 2016. Many of us take it as the year of political catastrophe. The unpredictable market disruptions are just piling up on the agony.

In truth, most of these matters are outside our control or immediate impact.

In 2017, let’s focus on not allowing the market or politics to dictate our year-end mood. These resolutions will allow you to end the year in significantly better shape than the one you began.

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