Rajani way of business

Marketing Lessons To take From Rajinikanth’s Kabali

Rajani way of business

Superstar Rajinikanth’s Movie Kabali has taken over the populous imagination and theater screens spread across the country. Once again the time has come for India’s favorite superhero to perform his unbelievable feats and puff away the troubles around him.

Much more than unbelievable feats and powers of Rajini Sir, we can learn and absorb something from him. It turns out that we could learn a lot.

In this article, we will be discussing about being in the middle of one of the biggest Movie releases that we have ever come to witness.

Get tickled by apple Fan boys

With their pure passion and dedication, Rajani fans could positively get tickled by Apple fan boys. This is achieved by giving something more valuable than two and half hours of entertainment, something that could be taken home and cherished.

His latest Move Kabali packs in the three syllable punch ‘neruppu da’, which could be translated as ‘spark! Mind it’. It’s easy to remember and definitely milling among is millions of fans across the globe.


Everyone Compete for screen space, Rajani increases the number of Screens

In most of the south Indian states, theaters will be plying a three shift weekend. This includes show starting at 3.00 AM (yes, we can get the tickets for proof) and concluding at 12.00 (citation invents itself). Even Morning arrives early for a Rajani movie.

This is an irrefutable evidence that a strong product can bend the rules and notions to your liking. Similarly, you can also learn to expand your market to be independent of market restrictions.

Leverage your Existing Presence for Getting More Exposure

All businesses looking to expand their presence could definitely take a lesson or two from the promotion of Kabaali Movie. The movie makers collaborated with seven most reputed Global brands to generate quality content within and surrounding the movie. This has helped in generating the necessary buzz to attract new audience segments. All this while, remaining true and satiating to the traditional audience.

Be who you are and get Incredible at it

Rajani movies are known for their extremely pompous characters and pretentious action scenes. Most of the people love it, some people don’t get it! But the point is that the Superstar is able to keep you on the edge of your seat and make you believe in everything that happens in front of you.

Meanwhile, even as the prime ingredients of a Rajani movie remain the same, excitement and chivalry gets renewed even more at every turn.

Play the tunes and be Connected with Masses

Yes, you could use films to connect and bond with your artistic integrity. But always remember about the needs of your actual audience base. For Rajanikanth, his audience remains common people who want to excel and be the hero of their respective lives.

The End:

Watching your favorite hero accomplish the impossible on screen is fun. But can you make use of these lessons in your actual life.

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