Kapture Mobile CRM: Giving your Business the Caffeine It Requires

best mobile CRMCustomer relationship management or CRM is a hot market software, growing at a lightning-fast pace. According to Gartner, businesses are spending $12 billion every year on CRM systems. However, many businesses are still not leveraging it due to the involved difficulties. Fortunately, with the CRM revolution, Mobile CRM came into existence.

Software Advice Survey stated, “Nearly half of the CRM users access it from their smartphones and other 45% users access it from their devices”.

Apparently, having a kickass mobile CRM that allows you to view every evanescent activity is quintessential. Mobile CRM can help you access contacts, receive calls, set up tasks, send emails, browse through your prospects’ social feeds, syncing contacts, and much more. All can be managed without any hassle with the best mobile CRM like Kapture.

Since mobile CRM is being devoured by several businesses & enterprises, I want to focus on some of the expedient features of the Kapture CRM app that will help you shape your next Mobile CRM idea.

Manages Entire Team with One Go

To achieve a big goal your entire team has to be on the same page, right? Yield the benefits of mobile CRM by keeping & managing your team with a single platform. Available for both iOS & Android, Kapture CRM app comes with a universal device compatibility.

One Tap Sales

”Everything is Connected and available for everyone” that’s what we call a pro-CRM. The sales process is managed with ease when everyone can access the right information at the right time. Catch hold of daily sales & performance reports, stay connected through the cloud-enabled system and manage everything with just a single tap.

Ease of Communication

Two-way communication acts as a core component in achieving your goals. Experience a faster & better communication mode with your prospects through Kapture CRM. This also serves as a unified communication channel through which you get the hang of your entire team verticals.

Mobile Reports

Our Kapture CRM app gives you the freedom of creating, sending and receiving mobile reports of your closures, negotiations, client proposals, and much more. You can also keep the concerned person in the loop so they don’t miss out on anything.

Customer Management

Managing a consumer with a snap of a finger is what you get when you have the buyer’s journey. From purchase history to past interactions, view everything and respond to your prospect’s queries through the dashboard. Everything with a single app.

GPS Location Tracking

When you have too many client meetings, Kapture CRM app comes handy. Plan the routes and ensure that every client meeting is being attended with real-time locations.

That’s not all, Kapture Mobile CRM incorporates flexibility, streamlining your daily processes, optimizing business operations, and more into your business management to make it perform smarter & faster.

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