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Kapture CRM for end-to-end call center automation

Today, customer support is not only an instrumental but an inevitable part of every business across the globe. With the advancement of technology like AI, several enterprises are increasingly leveraging the benefits of intelligent CRM platforms like Kapture to seamlessly automate their customer support operations. Automated customer service includes a streamlined contact center, service center, and field force management. 

Long gone are the days where call center customer support meant long winding calls, chats, messages, and delayed queries. Today CRMs like Kapture provide companies with efficient call center automation software that automates the time-consuming tasks within a contact center. This is done by centralizing customer data, providing agents with context, etc. Wondering what is call center automation? It’s nothing but automatically routing calls to specific departments or available agents according to schedule with an intention to enhance customer satisfaction and customer experience. 

Why Choose Kapture’s Call Center Software?

Kapture’s call and contact center management software integrates your contact center, field force, and service center onto a single cloud platform. This way, customer-centric enterprises can easily track field agents, route calls to specific departments, provide instant solutions, and manage real-time conversations with customers. When a customer seeks help online or by a call with an agent, Kapture CRM allows contact centers to automate the entire customer service journey from initial interaction up until the customer receives a satisfied solution. 

Kapture’s Contact Center Automation Software Functionalities

Contact centers are the central focal point from which all major customer contacts are managed. They leverage a powerful call center automation software like Kapture, that provides real-time monitoring, and accessible customer data with an omnichannel support system. Kapture CRM provides an excellent Omnichannel support system along with a flexible and intelligent contact center management system. Kapture allows businesses to automate their customer service by:

  • Unifying readily available information about tickets, customers, and updates on a single dashboard
  • Providing you with a complete list of answered or unanswered calls, resolved tickets, etc. displayed on a cloud dashboard accessible for the whole team
  • IVR- Automated Call Response – Kapture provides customized call flow for your customers. An interactive voice response (IVR) can be set that your customers will hear in case your customer tries to reach you during your offline hours.
  • Scheduling tasks seamlessly and inform the whole team about an agent’s daily schedule so that tickets can be assigned to those who are available at the right moment. 

Kapture’s Cloud Telephony Integration 

It’s no secret that API integrations help in facilitating seamless customer experiences. You can integrate Kapture CRM with multiple cloud telephony applications to take cloud call center management to another level. Your call agents will have all the options to place online calls to any customer directly from the CRM. provide your customers with the ultimate native experience by integrating with existing apps and enhance your customer experience. 

Tips for selecting an effective Call and Contact Centre Management Software

Choosing the right software that suits your business intelligence strategies is always important for businesses to ensure that their investment is not just a line drawn in water. Now you know what a call center software is. Here are a few tips for you to select the best contact center automation software solutions that could take your business to new heights.

  1. Understand, analyze and prioritize your business requirements 
  2. Shortlist your requirements and request a free demo to understand whether it suits your requirements
  3. Decide your budget and choose software that meets your budget as well as your needs
  4. Choose a software that is easy to implement and easy to use
  5. Access the product capabilities of your options with your use cases. 

Kapture CRM is a highly flexible, easy-to-use, and easy-to-set-up helpdesk and call center automation software that is designed to suit every business intelligence strategy. Deploy a powerful CRM like Kapture and enjoy seamless customer support operations. 

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