Introducing Instagram Messenger API Integration with Kapture

Instagram is one of the most used platforms in the entire world. According to Hootsuite Instagram is estimated to have 1+ billion active users on a monthly basis. That’s a lot. 

With 500 million daily active users, Instagram is expanding and businesses need to keep up with consumer interests and respond faster. 

To make sure that your agents can respond to Instagram messages faster, Kapture (one of the very first automation platforms to integrate with Instagram Messenger) integrated with Instagram DM so you never have to make your customers wait. 

Kapture’s seamless integration with Instagram ensures that your account is smoothly integrated to your efficient workflow so you as a business are reaching out to your audience without leaving Kapture platform. 

How does it work

When a new customer sends you a direct message, Kapture creates a new conversation thread and enables you to view and respond to the DM directly from the platform. If an existing customer reaches out to you via direct message, Kapture identifies the user and creates a new message to the existing thread. 

This helps your agents to view, understand, and respond to direct messages right from Kapture. 

Reply to Instagram Messages From Kapture

Responding to Direct Messages, even posts tags, comments, etc. is easier. You can choose to respond to a single message or all of them. 

Kapture Instagram DM

Partner Configuration for Instagram DM 

Our partner configuration page enables users to easily configure their Instagram account within seconds. Some of the components that can be quickly configured are: 

  • Page Name
  • Page ID
  • Access Token
  • SLA

Instagram Partner Configuration

Get Everything Under One Ticket

A unified ticket enables you to manage all direct Messages, post tags, comments, and more under a  single ticket 

Experience it Yourself

At Kapture, we always try to ensure that you have the best experience using the platform while you build better customer experiences. Head over to our Free Trial section or Talk to our product squad and see the integration function live in action.


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