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How to Thrive in the Airline Industry with the Airlines Management System

Running an airline company is a never-ending process of expenditure.
It seems like no matter how many promotions you run – there are still a few empty seats in the flight.

Kapture’s Airline Management System has helped airline companies scale, sell more and optimize their marketing.
They were able to do this by;

1 – Sales Boosting

With strategic upsells offered to customers – you can clock mad moolah because customers are already loyal to your brand.
For example, if you see that a family has purchased four flight tickets during the vacation period for school.

Your team can then set up an upsell and automation sequence through the CRM where they make strategic promotions available to this segment of the customer at a specific time of the year when they usually are in a buying state.
The CRM helps in segregating the customers based on tickets purchased and run a pre-written email automation sequence as well as generating reminders to sales people to follow up with the customer.

2 – Integrating Multiple Signup Forms into A Single CRM

Nowadays, a large number of bookings arrive from the online space. When you have your advertisements running on multiple channels – tracking the leads or inquiries is a challenge without systems in place.

The Airlines CRM lets you integrate multiple sign-up forms into the CRM. This means if you have 10 leads from AdWords, 10 leads from the socials and 10 leads from email lists – all these leads arrive straight into the CRM. You can see a source-wise view of where the leads have arrived from.
This will help you determine the best lead sources and also help you start selling immediately because as soon as the lead gets generated it gets auto allocated to your Sales CRM team.


3 – Conversion Powered UI/UX

If the UI/UX of the booking engine are simple and easy to use, it will help in creating a hassle-free experience, enabling your customers to return to the website.



The Airline Industry is something that solves a very specific niche need of the market. Traditionally, there would be specific personnel assigned to manually entering leads, adding them to the customer list and selling to them.
An airline CRM breaks down this dinosaur business model into a series of automated actions. These actions can help you create systems for lead generation, promotions, lead nurturing, and lead conversions.

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  1. Very interesting to read your blog! A CRM solution is required to build healthy relationships with the customers which in turn help your business to grow. Thanks for sharing it. Keep posting

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