What is travel management

How to Manage Online Bookings, Enquiries & More Using Travel CRM

Traveling is a highly sought-after activity. It is something that people get excited about and cannot get enough of. The travel industry does a lot of business throughout the year; more so during the holidays, of course. The sheer volume of the people traveling each year is so huge that it is impossible to keep track of. Travel agencies and companies work tirelessly to make plans and tour packages for their clients. This involves making reservations for travel, accommodation and other places of interest.

Foray into Broader Avenues with Travel CRM  

If you own a travel agency, you might know about the hassles that you face. It is not easy to tend to so many travelers at the same time and third-party partners can only do so much to help. What would make your life easier is the right kind of travel CRM software. It will help you in the following:

    1. Enquiries
    2. Bookings
    3. Itineraries
    4. Tariff
    5. Reports

1. Handle More Enquiries

Travel agency tour operators have a tiring and thankless job of making sure business is steady all the time. Any drop in customers will increase the company overhead. So, to make sure there are consistent numbers all the time, it is important that they increase their customer base. With the CRM software in place, it becomes trouble-free to manage incoming leads and handle all enquiries. When there are more people enquiring, the conversion rates also go up. This healthy cycle can make your business scale new heights and all with a proper system in place.

2. Convert Enquiries into Bookings

Enquiries can be received from multiple channels such as email, calls, chat, social media, etc. All enquiries can be received on a single dashboard which makes communication simple. Once a booking is made, you follow up directly from the CRM. With instant replies, your customers will be enthralled and feel happy about the service. Any queries, doubts, questions can be easily resolved with the client and bookings can be made thereafter.

3. Prepare Focused Itineraries

Once an online booking is confirmed, you can formulate a travel plan for a customer. Everybody has different needs and you can offer customized and personalized travel and stay plans. Creating a full itinerary is entirely possible on Kapture CRM. This will include accommodation, travel, destination hotspots, activities, etc. When you make all this available, your customers will be eternally grateful. This whole process can be neatly done from the CRM system in a matter of minutes because there are pre-set options for every category.

4. Manage Pricing and Tariff

Yet another important feature of the CRM application is tariff management. You can enter pricing details along with discounts and offers which can be updated regularly. You could even consider offering dynamic pricing which will ensure your profits always are on target. The CRM allows for frequent updates and changes with options to notify your clients and prospective travelers.

5. Draft Extensive Reports

With 500+ report templates available on Kapture CRM, you generate reports that help your sales figures. Past trips v/s current trips, festive time tours, channel-wise leads, etc. are just some of the areas that you could focus on to learn and improve. When you know what is going on and see a trend, you can set your tone accordingly. Reports help you get detailed statistics of preferred modes of travels, stay options, etc. which will let you focus on those avenues more and provide a proper solution for travel agencies as well.

Apart from all this, you have a knowledge management system that will have a list of FAQs and useful guides issued in the interest of new sales agents who are still learning the ropes of the processes involved. This can accommodate customers too if that is required. The KMS page is essential for any business and having it on the CRM only makes sense.

All in all, CRM for travel management is a stabilized, sophisticated approach to your business. Not only is it significant but also necessary, especially in a time where everybody is using technology to one-up each other. CRM software can be more than a handy tool, allowing for API and third-party integrations so that it can serve as an addition instead of a replacement. Nowhere does it say that you have to offer more, but if you did, that would make you stand out. The choice is yours and only yours.


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