Customer data management

How can customer data cause a pain in your business’s neck? And how can we help you relieve it?

Customer data management

Let’s start with the basics of customer data. What exactly is customer data? It is the information of the people who interact or want get involved in your business. And it is really important to have their information with you at all times? Yes, it is. This information is what will help you capture leads, form your database and build a relationship with them. They will purchase your services from you and.. well, make you rich!

Imagine if there are 3000 people coming to your website with the hope of buying something or maybe to just check your products out. How will you manage their personal information, their needs and reviews all at once? All this data is essential for your business to survive. But the possibilities of you surviving this overload of information from 3000 people seem to be very less. No worries, this is where we come to your rescue. When you join Kapture, we give to you a customization page which will help you keep up with this overload of information.

Let’s meet Steve. Steve is here to buy 10 t-shirts from your website. When he logs on to your website, he provides you with his personal details. And from that moment on, you do not have to worry about keeping up with Steve’s overload of data.

Kapture keeps a track of everything Steve does on your website. What he is looking for, what is his search history, his invoice, his orders or what he says about you on social media, you name it and you’ll have it. Whatever Steve decides to do with regard to your website is available to you at all times without any confusion on a single customization window. And you as a business are free to observe your customers behavior and work on building better relations with them.

Manage customer data with CRM

If Steve if free to customize his needs from you, even you are entitled to do the same with him. If Steve is a troublesome customer, you can tag him on Kapture to be so. If he is a brilliant customer who purchases many products from you, you can tag him as so and give him more importance.

You can also set a reminder if you want to contact Steve and tell him about the special offers that are going on currently for new t-shirts. All of Steve’s data will not only be available to you, but also be easily accessible to you which you can use to your own accord.

Here at Kapture, we can help you manage more than 3000 Steves at one go without having you to refresh your page or your data. The entire information overload is systematically separated for you to keep a track of. We sort out your information for you and make it useable.  This is how we can help you get out of the informational web and help your business do better.

With us, you don’t have to worry about your data anymore. Learn more about improving the efficiency and utility of your customer management system.

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