An Easy Way to Sync Kapture CRM With Your Oracle Account

An Easy Way to Sync Kapture CRM With Your Oracle Account

Kapture CRM’s integration with Oracle’s Business suite was created to offer a 360-degree cloud data sync for businesses looking to get instant access to leads and support tickets generated from their websites.

Integrations between the two software is no longer a manual task. Data entering the Oracle server can now be pushed into the CRM through API’s thus automatically updating the CRM’S lead and support inbox, the minute your customers get in touch with you.

How To Integrate Kapture CRM With Your Oracle Account

Presuming you  have an existing Oracle database, and would like to make use of the CRM’S lead and support inbox to notify your team as soon as data enters the customer relationship management software –  you have two options;

    1. Either generate an in-house API that pushes data into Kapture CRM
    2. Or Have Kapture CRM’S team create a unique API for you, using our code level drag and drop customization feature

Once you have integrated your API into Kapture, you have two options when it comes to data synchronization.

You can either;

    1. Pull Customer data from your Oracle database into Kapture CRM
    2. Or Push data from Kapture CRM into your Oracle account.

Using the drag and drop feature, you can access code level customization in just a few clicks. Setting up your CRM to push and pull customer data between the two platforms is a one- time affair and can be completed in minutes with the following steps:

Step 1: Under the configuration tab, click on Partner Configurations

Partner Configurations

Step 2: Scroll down and click the Customer API option

Customer API

Step 3: You can choose whether you want to push or pull data – and you also have the option to customize the specific form fields that get synced between the two software giving you access to specific data that you require.

Step 4: An API is created which creates a call to action between Kapture CRM and Oracle

Kapture CRM and Oracle

Step 5: This is the Final step, here you will see a window open with a link to your website along with a freshly brewed API. To begin the process of data exchange, just hit the TEST API button and the synchronization begins.


Congratulations, you just optimized your sales and support processes by syncing Oracle with Kapture CRM.


To maximize your Return on investment in Kapture CRM, here is a list of benefits that illustrate how syncing your Oracle account with the CRM can enhance productivity and increase the overall effectiveness of your operations;

    1. Easily integrate all your forms into the CRM with a single API. Every time a customer fills out a form or makes a purchase, data entering Oracle is called to the CRM with a custom API.
    2. Run your support operations from a single inbox, every query from your website, including website chats arrive into the unified inbox.
    3. As soon as a lead or ticket is created, the CRM auto allocates queries and prospects to specific agents of your team based on their expertise in a given product or service.

If you are in the market for a CRM that gets seamlessly integrated with your Oracle account, you can take Kapture CRM for a test drive, you can access a FREE 30 DAY Trial Here.


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