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4 Questions to Ask during a Mobile CRM Demo

Mobile CRM

Choosing a CRM vendor is a herculean task for business decision makers mainly because the process of shortlisting potential brands and availing demos can get very overwhelming even for well-informed stakeholders. A CRM demo leaves behind a trail of questions that need to be answered.

A CRM sales app is absolutely imperative in the current business environment which is becoming increasingly location-independent. Top-level managers in large enterprises, as well as business representatives, need a sense of freedom and flexibility which only a CRM mobile application solution can provide.

Rather than being in the dark about whether a mobile CRM solution is the best pick for your business or not, clear the confusion by asking your vendor the following questions during a demo:

1. Is this an industry-specific mobile app:

A mobile CRM fits across different industry spheres. For instance, in the Pharma industry, marketing executives can benefit from using the app to assist them in their daily activities. The FMCG sector sees retailers and distributors widely using the app for Daily Plans, also known as Beat Plans as well as for custom periodic plans. So, during a demo, learn more about whether the product will fit in with the industry your business belongs to.

2. What are some of the mobility features available?

Geo-Fencing and Location Tracking are the two must-have features on the app for real-time tracking of both users as well as customer locations. Timestamps and daily check-ins help store and analyse daily data for productivity analysis. A user should be able to mandatorily mark attendance on a GPS map before using the app.

3. Does the app work offline?

The whole point of a mobile solution is that you are able to access it either to log information or to browse through data on-the-go. This includes access in places without Wi-Fi or GPS connectivity. Offline access is especially crucial for on-field sales agents who should be able to push data to the app during unplanned sales and cold calls. Once Wi-Fi connectivity is restored, the agents should be able to perform a Forceful Server Sync of the offline data to the cloud.

4. What are a few special features on the CRM mobile app?

The app is made for business representatives who are not bound to the office and work desk. As such, the app must include unique features that make it useful for the moving salesperson or service agent. Ask your CRM vendor if their product features a Customer Graph, which is a real-time visual map of nearby customers that require a visit. The Expense Manager is another unique feature in the sales tracking app that helps salespersons attach daily expense bills for future claims and reimbursements.


Kapture’s Mobile app brings mobility into our enterprise CRM in order to enable business representatives and agents to take work with them, wherever they go. To know more, book an assisted demo of Kapture Mobile CRM.


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