4 Copy Paste Customer Survey Questions to Enhance The Performance Of Your Support Team


One happy customer leads to four new buyers whereas one unhappy customer can drastically drag down your brand loyalty.

Case in point, the writer once went into a small Mom and Pop store to pick up a tube of toothpaste that cost him 10. Being in a new area, he was still evaluating the best places to make purchases for daily commodities.

Since the first toothpaste that cost 10, the writer has spent a grand total of 1000 in purchasing, daily commodities in a space of 6 months at the same store.

What does this have to do with customer service, I’m glad you asked? You see at the end of the first ever sales interaction, the store owner looked at the writer and smiled. That’s it. Since then, he has never felt like giving anyone else but this lady his business.

If a simple smile can close a customer, Imagine what stellar customer service could do for a Large enterprise?

Don’t Sneeze at These Key Performance Metrics


Now, there are specific Key Performance metrics that you can use to judge the effectiveness of your support team. These metrics are not be sneezed at – customer service can be the inflection point that helps you go from being just average to being great.


Using these key performance metrics – we’ve given you a few questions you can copy paste into a survey form and shoot out to your customer’s list.

Key Performance Metric 1 Average First Response Time

Definition The Average Time It Takes Your Customer To Respond To A Ticket Once It Is Opened.


Key Performance Metric 2 – Average Handle Time

Definition The Average Time It Takes For Your Agents To Close A Ticket Once It Is Opened.


Key Performance Metric 3 – First Contact Resolution

Definition – This Metric Shows You How Often Your Support Team Closes A Ticket As Soon As It Is Opened.


Key Performance Metric 4 – Live Chat Average Response Time

Definition – When a customer gets in touch with you via your website live chat, how long does it take for your agents to respond?



Adhering to KPI’S is a great way to ensure that your support team is building the loyalty needed with your customers to achieve great Life customer values. What doesn’t get measured, never gets managed.

These survey questions should give you a realistic view of what customers feel about your support operations. This should give you a clearer picture than any pie chart or graph report that puts numbers in front of you instead of real world opinions on your ticket resolution prowess. For more information Call Us Today: 7899-887-755.

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