3 Reasons Why a Lead Management System is an Absolute Essential for a Large Enterprise


When you are running a large enterprise – you make it a priority to spend the right amount of dollars in acquiring leads through online and offline channels.

These leads are the lifeblood of your business.

And your sales team infuses these leads with the enthusiasm for the solution that this product would bring to your potential prospects.

But there are three questions to keep in mind while pursuing these leads;

1 – Are the leads you are generating interested in making a purchase from you or were they just window shopping?

2 – Are your lead sources giving you a good ROI?

3 – What could you do to ensure that your sales team spends their time chasing qualified prospects?

Typically if you follow the spreadsheet model – you would need to direct some of your resources towards crunching your numbers to determine the answers to these questions.

Instead, why not use money as a resource to solve these problems?

Instead of using spreadsheets why not opt for a software that instantly shows you if you’re in the right direction to hit your revenue goals?

Instead of hoping that you reach your goals – why not look at fact-driven reports that show you the quality of your lead sources as well as the performance of your sales team.

That’s where a lead management system comes in. A lead management system is an end-to-end sales automation software that helps you;

1 – Look at the quality of your leads

2 – Determine your best lead sources

3 – Automates your sales processes

4 – Gives you 500+ reports on your sales strategy

If you’re still on the fence about the value of a lead management system, let’s explore 3 reasons why every large enterprise should use a Lead Management system:

1. It gives you lead scoring tools to determine the quality of your leads

When you’re spending thousands of dollars every month on advertising and marketing promotions – you need to be aware of the Quality of leads being generated. The lead management software offers you two resources to help you in this arena;

It gives you something called a lead scoring tool that helps your sales team tag each lead as Hot, Warm or Cold. Based on this score, your team can determine the quality of the lead and whether it makes sense to pursue them or not.

It gives you something called lead reports where you can have a source-wise view of the number of leads generated from each channel and the quality of these leads based on conversions.

2. It auto allocates leads to your sales team as soon as it is generated

Whenever a lead is generated from either online or offline channels– the lead gets auto-assigned to the concerned salesperson. This allows your team to get in touch with the prospects ASAP – so that you can make your pitch when the prospect’s imagination is still fresh with your sales proposition.

3. It lets you track your field agents in real time

Most lead management systems offer mobile CRM. This is handy when you have an on the ground sales team that consistently sets out to pitch your products to potential prospects. The mobile CRM lets you;

Track the location of your salespeople in real time.

Offers a feature to let salespeople add notes to the mobile CRM which gets auto-synced with the central dashboard.

Has a feature that lets you upload your catalogues onto the mobile CRM for display at sales meetings.

Gives your salespeople the option to mark their attendance once they reach the client’s location.


When you have a large sales team accountability is a key factor in hitting your sales and revenue goals. With a lead management system – you can instantly get access to reports on performances of your sales team.

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