10 Customer Experience Trends to look out for 2022

10 Customer Experience Trends to Look out for in 2022

The pandemic has amplified the shift to digital consumer interactions, as well as forced businesses to adapt and utilize new technology in order to obtain a competitive advantage. Customers’ loyalty is no longer based on pricing or goods. 

“Companies that earn $1 billion yearly may expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within three years of investing in customer experience trends,” according to Temkin Group’s customer engagement data.

Instead, people are loyal to businesses because of the experiences they have had with them. It may sound cynical, but if you can’t keep up with their growing demands, your customers will abandon you. That’s all there is to it.

Therefore, businesses should pay close attention to trends that activate customers’ natural thinking and urge them to choose products and services that set them apart from competitors, as this will help them develop strategies to compete in a larger market.10-Customer-Experience-Trends-to-Look-out-for-in-2022



Following are 10 customer experience trends that businesses, as well as customers, should look out for in 2022: –

1. ‘Instrumentation’ and ‘Configurability’ in the search of consistent CX

Brands that deliver positive customer experiences will boost their investment in 2022, embracing solutions that make it simple for enterprises to incorporate new technologies into their products.”

“Analysts are learning how to communicate effectively, and the evolution of digital engagement is becoming visible.” Everyone who writes or talks about the digital experience has readily absorbed terms like instrumentation and configurability. 

Developers should establish clear expectations at each stage of the process to ensure that users easily incorporate technology across platforms and, as a byproduct, provide consistent customer service.”

2. Human Sense of Security to be Infused into Technology

Customers today are more aware of how their data is utilized, and as a result, they are less willing to provide unneeded information unless there is a compelling reason to do so. If you don’t need to know, don’t ask, we always say while creating surveys. Marketers used to collect whatever data they could get their hands on, leaving the typical consumer in the dark about how their information was being used.

3. Compassion Driven Customer Experience (CX)

You must understand how the experience you’re delivering makes your clients feel if you want to provide a good customer experience. It’s quite straightforward. When it comes to providing a superior customer experience, empathy, which is described as, “Association with and understanding of another’s position, feelings, and motives,” is critical. And this is particularly true in the post-covid era.

4. CX Agility Endeavor

Customers respect and appreciate the complete shopping experience as much as the service or product they are acquiring. And if there’s one thing we can learn from the previous year, it’s that organizations should prioritize being adaptive to change, especially when it comes to the customer experience. Today’s businesses must provide elevated engagements in order to gain a competitive advantage.

5. AI Implementation will be seen as ‘Highly Remarkable’

CX success segments have started using AI to assist them to fulfil extremely high standards. We also found that once companies began using AI to improve their customer experience, they were able to satisfy these rising demands.

Unsurprisingly, the demand for and expectation of round-the-clock customer service has persisted since then. In fact, 40% of customer experience-focused businesses feel that artificial intelligence technologies will be extremely important for decision-making and employee suggestions.

6. Prominence of Subscription Models

Acquiring subscribers in a subscription-based model necessitates a significant investment in the customer experience as well as ongoing enhancements to your app’s features and value. Businesses will deal with a smaller number of users in this new environment, therefore providing meaningful, individualized experiences will be critical.

7. The need for personalization 

According to a report by Accenture, about 33% of consumers who ended their relationship with a company did so because their customer experience wasn’t personalized enough. With the effects of the pandemic coming to an end and with the virtual doors opening doors, customers will be expecting a lot more personalization to their customer support interactions. 

8. Hassle-free Access to CS

Mobile devices have been the go-to devices that generate the most traffic than any other device. Making customer service operations accessible through mobile devices is a must-do for businesses wanting to step up their help desk game in 2022. 

9. The need for omnichannel support 

Did you know according to a report by Harvard Business Review, omnichannel customers tend to spend 4% more in-store and 10% more online than single-channel customers? 

Customers will be expecting businesses to help them out or to set up customer care operations on various platforms and channels preferred by customers. An omnichannel approach to customer support is one of the best ways through which businesses can enforce their virtual presence without much hassle.

10. Serving customers in a Cookie-less world 

Starting in 2022, major internet browsers intend to avoid supporting third-party tracking cookies and this means businesses have to find other ways to cater to customer needs in a cookie-less world. Investing in the right customer management tools can be a solution to such privacy concerns. Businesses will have to rely on intelligent CRMs and data architecture to meet customer needs and expectations.


How Kapture helps- 

  • Kapture’s omnichannel helps businesses integrate customer service operations across various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. into a single screen. 
  • Kapture’s intelligent CRM helps customer service agents add a hint of personalization and helps the customer feel more connected to the brand.
  • Mobile CRMs are a must-have and Kapture’s customer management tool facilitates easy access to customer support through various mobile devices.

Below mentioned are the most important customer experience trends to focus on in 2022:

 Customer Experience Trends to look out for

Interesting Customer Experience Statistics to look at in 2022

  • “By adding value to customer experience interactions, you can create new revenue streams while preserving old ones.” As a result, value-added techniques are becoming more common and popular. In fact, 82% of businesses have implemented or plan to implement a value enhancement strategy.” (Livemint)


  • When customer service addresses a problem, 80% of customers feel more emotionally attached to the brand. Customers are willing to spend up to 30% extra for good service in 2019, an increase of 6% in 2022. (CGS)


  • Customers are 2.4 times more likely to continue with a brand if their complaints are treated swiftly, according to a new study (Forrester).


  • Customers are willing to pay up to a 16% price premium for a great customer experience. (PwC)


  • Customers tell an average of 9 people about positive experiences, but an average of 16 people about negative experiences. (Deloitte).



  • According to Hubtype, $641B will be spent on CX technologies in 2022.


  • Gartner predicts that by 2023, 25% of companies will have combined marketing, sales, and customer experience (CX) into a single function.


  • Productivity and minimalism are inextricably linked. According to Siegel+Gale, 76% of individuals are more likely to suggest a brand that provides simple experiences, up 12% from 2018.


  • Customer lifetime value (30% of respondents), customer advocacy (30%), and basket size (23%) have all improved significantly since the pandemic, according to organizations with strong CX (eMarketer).


  • Customers who have had the finest past customer experiences are likely to spend 140% more than those who have had the worst past customer experiences, according to Harvard Business Review.


Customer Experience Expectations: A Growing Change

Companies have had to evolve in ways they never anticipated in the unattainable prevalent environment over the last year, at a period when customer service has never been more crucial.

Businesses are pouring resources into enhancing customer service, which has become as important as product innovation. Start by looking at the customer service trends that are mentioned above that you must follow to ensure that you provide an outstanding customer experience across all channels.

Customers expect comfort and quality, but they also want compassion and dedication towards topics that are sensitive to them. They seek personal attention but want welfare on an organizational level to work with open and honest businesses that are clear with their standards.

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