Customer relationships in digital era: the flavor of modern customer experience

Customer Relationships In Digital Era

Success in the modern market is highly dependant upon customers relations. Understanding consumer behavior is often considered a tough task. Of late, consumers have been displaying even more confusing behavior as they shop and seek service in the digital age. According to a recent research, it has been observed that today consumers prefer switching to different providers, even while they claim to be satisfied with the companies that they are currently buying products and services from.

One of the reasons for this may be the company’s approach towards the issue. While companies pay more attention to maintaining what wows their customers, they miss out on making the essential improvements that inspire customer loyalty. The following five tips will help you win and keep more loyal customers:

Greet-Great, Repeat

Every relationship begins with good communication and usually ends due to not getting it right. The promise made to the customers at the beginning of your relationship sets the tone for better relations with your customers in the long run. According to a customer feedback survey, a company’s failure to deliver on the service experience they promised is the customer’s greatest aggravation.

Care for Loyal Customers

Like we mentioned earlier, customer behavior changes with time and more often than not, companies fail to notice these changes. Companies also tend to forget their customers once they become loyal. According to research, neglecting your loyal customers is the biggest blunder for your business. Always reward something that is good and make sure that all your loyal customers are with you for a long time.

Dishonest Behavior

Companies fail to notice the signs that indicate their customers are willing to switch. One key indicator is curtailed switching, which is when customers are with a company but have also added other providers to their list.

  1. In it’s initial stages, figuring out whether the customer has switched over to another brand or product becomes difficult. Using finely tuned analytics can work wonders for your business and increases the likelihood of being able to deal with such issues promptly.

Are you social?

With the modern world changes and trends, consumers prefer looking over their favorite brands and products through social media portals. Social media plays a key role in the decision-making of a consumer. Having looked at a few positive reviews or comments on social channels, a consumer may be influenced to make a positive decision, and vice versa.

These new channels combine to build consumer expectations and also influence personal interaction and engagement.

Gimmicks won’t save me

Even though 68 percent of consumers say technology has enhanced their experience, not every customer today is exposed to technology. Even tech-savvy customers are not necessarily persuaded by new functions or innovation in technology.

Keeping market trends in mind, tech-savvy consumers always expect and want greater engagement with their providers. This is when a company’s interest in technology and innovation agendas comes into play. Companies may also have to give much more importance to keeping technology-savvy consumers interested and engaged while considering business growth.

While these five important points represent potential lost opportunities, putting them into practice is essential to lead a trendy and successful business. While setting the tone of your business, you should consider investing for a better relationship with your customers. Doing this will lead you to retain more loyal customers and reduce the risk of losing the customers to your competitors.

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