The Ultimate Guide to Staying In a State of Peak Performance During The Day

state of peak performance
Its 3 PM, you slowly turn towards the clock and wonder if the next four hours are going to be as gruesome as the first half of the day.

You love your job, but this is just one of those days where the blues follow you along in all your tasks.

So How Do You Stay Positive At Work?

What if you could get a shot of mental caffeine that would make you so alert and aware that you squeeze out every ounce of productivity in your system during the day leaving you as contented as a monk in meditation?

No, I’m not talking about some new designer drug. What I’m about to reveal to you are some peak performance technologies that you can activate inside your brain in just a few seconds.

All you need to Stay Positive At Work is

A switch of Your Failure Mechanism

The failure mechanism is best explained with the ACRONYM FAILURE;

F – Frustration

A – Aggression

I – Insecurity

L – Loneliness

U – Uncertainty

R – Resentment

E – Emptiness

So how, does this acronym help you get into a state of peak performance?

Here’s how.

When you start getting all negative and tired and mentally fuzzy, ask yourself if you are feeling like a failure.

If the answer is yes, run through each of the above acronyms and see which one gives you a mental yes.

Here’s a prescription for the failure mechanism.


stay positive at work

When you are blocked from achieving some goal – you become like a pressure cooker with steam blocked inside which stops you from staying positive at work.

This can lead to excess smoking, caffeine or just a crankiness.

The best prescription for this is to just be aware of your frustration.

Once you become aware of this frustration, do this.


  • Look back into the past to some super pleasant memory. It could be your boss saying “Good Job”. Or it could be any form of validation that you received.
  • See this clearly in your mind’s eye and then come back into the present.
  • You will see your state change immediately.


stay positive at workplace

This is a close sister to frustration and blocks you from maintaining a positive attitude at work. You may feel aggressive because certain things that you are trying to achieve are not manifesting the way you want it to.

The symptoms would lead to working harder, or chasing your tasks with bull-headed anger.

You may achieve a certain part of your task – but in essence, you will feel like crap.


The best way to battle aggression is to take a five-minute break and;

  • Do 10 pushups
  • 10 Bodyweight Squats
  • 10 Tummy Vacuums (Where you suck your tummy in and hold it in for 10 breaths. It improves your core conditioning and posture)

Do the above routine three times and then go hit your tasks – you will feel like a new man because the dopamine from exercise has battled the aggression syndrome.


positive state in workplace

This happens when you begin unfairly comparing yourself to another person which again stops you from being positive at work.

This is an unconscious process and you may not be aware of it.

When insecurity kicks in – your self-image takes a beating because – you are striving to be someone else.


  • Here’s how to stay positive at work when you feel insecure, understand that measuring yourself with a ruler against someone else will make you feel terrible which then affects productivity.
  • Just understand that the skills and knowledge that you have are unique.
  • Raj may be better than you at sales.
  • But you are better at marketing than Raj.
  • When you realize that you have unique talents that no one else possesses – your self-image improves and you feel way better about yourself.


state of peak performance at work

When you feel lonely – you feel cut off from the world.

Human beings are social creatures and loneliness can destroy your inner state faster than any other failure mechanism.


  • Force yourself onto your colleagues.
  • Go talk to them at length about nonsense.
  • Don’t censor your babble and ignore the feeling that you are unwanted.
  • What you will find is that your colleagues are willing listeners and your self-image will pick up and you will feel better and more focused.


peak performance in office

While working on a deadline or when you are assigned a task bigger than your current skill set – uncertainty is likely to kick in. This will leave you doubting your abilities and can spiral into workplace despair. The prescription below will give you the antidote to staying positive at work when stressed.


  • Understand that being wrong is never bad. Being scared to take actions is bad – because “Only Egoistic Men are afraid to be wrong”.
  • If you can cultivate a courageous attitude to your challenges – you will nip uncertainty in the bud.


peak performance during a day

This is a by-product of insecurity – because while comparing yourself to other people – you begin to resent them for being better than you.


  • Resentment is the fastest way to kill happiness as it destroys your self-concept.
  • Awareness and deep breathes are the best to fight this off.


peak performance in the workplace

This happens when you have no goal to work towards

There is nothing that is challenging you.

As human beings, we need to be moving towards something that is bigger than us….constantly.


  • Ask for more work.
  • Do more for your company than they are paying you.
  • You will then slowly grow from within and without.


When you switch off your failure mechanism, wonders start to manifest.

You become more present, more aware and most importantly, you start behaving and acting like a PEAK PERFORMER.

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